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Capt. Isledemer d'Alberran

             Now that skyship spells have been described in detail and general skills improved, I present you with detailed stats for the captain of the Star Phoenix, developed for D&D BECMI game mechanics. There were personal interpretations on my part, since I started from the original Pathfinder material published in CAL1 “In Stranger Skies.” Ideally, I’d like to see all this translated into D&D 5th edition—alas, I’m not familiar with this new system. Any volunteers among the Calidar fans, do let me know!
             Unlike the official D&D game, Calidar’s system-neutral stats differentiate between Body Agility (Agt) and Manual Dexterity (Dex). Dexterity affects hand-eye coordination and therefore ranged weapon bonuses and precise actions like disarming traps. Agility governs Armor Class bonuses and movement-related feats like climbing, dodging, or horse riding. These stats are listed according to the original intent, but they can be combined as a single Dex score for simplicity (if in doubt, use the best score).
             Calidar books commonly describe NPCs as multi-classed. Isledemer is both a fighter and a magic-user. Since Basic D&D mechanics don’t lend themselves to multi-classing, assume the character splits gained XPs between the two experience progression tables. 
             Finally, Calidar wands produce protective magic used to parry direct attacks (either physical or magical). These wands' primary purpose is otherwise to help with spellcasting; they don't generate specific magical effects. Click here for details on this approach.

Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Fantasy ©2013-2018 ElifSiebenpfeiffer.

Skyship Captain: AC 3 (unarmored), Lvl 12 swashbuckler/sorcerer, hp 40, MV 120’ (40’), AT 1 spell or 1 rapier +2 (left hand, expert skill) and 1 personal wand +2 (right hand, parry only), Dmg by spell or 2d8+2 rapier, Size M—Str 13, Dex 16 (Agt 16/Dex 11), Con 14, Int 17, Wis 13, Cha 15, ML 10, Saves as fighter, AL Neutral (or “Neutral Good” in other game versions). Faith: none established. Credentials: none. Apparent Age: 30s. Ancestry: human; unknown origins.

These stats were updated Oct 10 (in red). Mea culpa. I was using the wrong conversion chart. Those listed in CAL1 "In Stranger SKies" had been altered to work with Pathfinder as best as I can figure. The ones above come from my original 2013 draft. I had to dig around for that.

             Spellcasting—L1 x4, L2 x4, L3 x4, L4 x3, L5 x2, L6 x1
             General Skills—Set #1 Airship Commander incl. Aerial Navigation (Int), Leadership (Cha), Piloting (Dex), Skyship/Magical Engineering (Int), Skyship Tactics (Wis), and Weather Sense (Wis); Set #2 Swashbuckler –2 incl. Acrobatics (Agt), Alertness (Agt), Bravery (Wis), and Quick Draw (Dex—esp. his magical wand); Individual Skills incl. Alternate Magic (Int), Court Etiquette (Cha), and Horse Riding (Agt). 
             Weapon Proficiencies—two-handed combat (wand/rapier as an expert) and basic proficiency with daggers and light crossbows. Commander’s Rating—(16) Expert (see Skyship Saving Throws).

Equipment: Personal wand +2, rapier +2, ring of protection +1, hat of defense AC 6 (if lost, it reappears at his feet later on), boots of equilibrium (+3 bonus to Agility), two-way scroll of communication, potion of healing.

Spellbook: L1Analyze, Structural Appraisal, Booming Voice, Detect Magic, Find the Wind, Hold Portal, Light*, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Protection from Rot, Protection from Rust, Read Languages, Read Magic, Sleep, Triangulate, Ventriloquism.
             L2Captain’s Jinx, Continual Light*, Detect Evil, Detect Invisible, Helmsman’s Glory, Helmsman Helping Hand, Invisibility, Knock, Local Object, Phantasmal Force, Phantasmally Displayed Figments, Restore Wood, Sky Sight, Web, Wizard Lock.
             L3Air Anchor, Artificer’s Mending Brace, Create Air, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Hold Person, Protection from Normal Missiles, Smother Conflagration, Unyielding Cord, Wizard’s Tail.
             L4Artificer’s Unseen Shield, Clothform, Dimension Door II, Remove Curse, Cloudscreen (see below), Wizard Eye.
             L5Captain’s Instant Skiff, Contact Outer Plane, Dissolve, Hold Monster, Spectral Sail.
             L6Artificer’s Hold Distortion, Invisible Stalker, Projected Image.

Spell Level 4: (School of Invocation)
Range: Own vessel
Duration: 1 hour + 1 Turn per experience level
Effects: Produces a large cloud

             Captain d’Alberran created this spell as a way to mask his skyship from view. The invocation brings into being a large, opaque cloud or a fog bank about twice the size of the Star Phoenix. From the inside, it appears merely as a fine mist. The dweomer travels with the ship, regardless of atmospheric conditions. It is indistinguishable from natural clouds when moving along with them at prevailing wind speed. The effect may end when dismissed by the caster or dispelled. The reversed version of the spell clears all clouds, vapors, fog, smoke, and dust within a 500 yard radius.

Swashbuckler Heroes
             Although not entirely within the bounds of laws or chivalric codes, these romantic heroes generally focus on matters of honor, justice, and courage with a flair. In addition to a set of related skills offered earlier (click here for details), a swashbuckler hero living aboard a skyship should enjoy the following benefits:
  • ·      Sword fighting without penalty on a rolling/pitching deck
  • ·      +1 Bonus to hit when fighting with a rapier
  • ·      Immunity to fear of heights (click here for details) and air sickness
             On the other hand, such a hero does not typically wear protection beyond leather armor; magic items other than armor are otherwise acceptable. Therefore, shields, helmets, chainmail, and plate armor are not acceptable items.

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