Thursday, September 22, 2016

Good News, Bad News

It's been one of those weeks.

The printer's proof for "Beyond the Skies" softcover came in, finally after a string of errors on the side of the printer, but this book had a problem: a white border on the outer edges of the pages, where the parchment background should be bleeding off.  After some checking, this wasn't a printer error.  Instead, a code had been missed flagging the need for the parchment background to extend past the cutting lines. What was worse was that the other two proofs (the hard cover and CST1 "Under the Great Vault") had been produced the same way--it was just luck that their printer's proofs came through looking OK.  Alas, this meant sending updated files back to the printer with the correct setup to ensure future prints won't end up with this dreaded white border.

Calidar softcover book

Monday, September 5, 2016

Meanwhile, a New Project

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on the next project in Calidar’s lineup while waiting for the present kickstarter’s final component to become available (CST2 Skies of Fury).  I needed a change of pace in the wake of two long years slogging through the 248 pages of tiny script and a skyship’s load of floor plans for CC1 Beyond the Skies.  Before tackling CAL2, I opted for a standalone adventure connecting directly with CC1.  A shorter endeavor to be sure, it is no less colorful and engrossing as the previous two.  It should become available to the public in 2017.

This gleeful escapade focuses on a flying circus.  Hey, it’s Calidar: everything comes with wings!  If it’s not nailed to the floor, by gosh it’ll soar sky high and, for some, into the Great Vault as well.  I’m sure you get it by now.  By “flying circus” I mean exactly that:  a circus with a big tent, surrounding fun houses including a great wheel and a roller-coaster, and the entire village for the circus folk.  All of this stands on a huge flying platform and is mapped out in excruciating detail, floor by floor, room by room, tent by tent, including the main and lower decks.  The original idea was first introduced as an adventure stub in CC1 Beyond the Skies’ appendix section, coming to you very soon.  For now, the working title is CA1 Dreams of Aerie.

Calidar Flying Circus Top View

Fear not, my friends.  There will be no spoilers revealed in this article.  I’ll show only top views which will be available to players.  Though I’m keeping the plot to myself, CA1 will provide a central story to challenge the heroes, and a series of short forays in and around towns where the traveling circus stops.  
Calidar Flying Circus

A party of adventurers could reside on the vessel as it circles the Great Caldera, visiting its southern climes during the winter season and its cooler reaches in summer.  Heroes could otherwise negotiate passage aboard, paying for their fares as circus workers (or—who knows—rise as illustrious stars).  With overtones of Barnum & Bailey with a zest of Cirque du Freak, the Greatest Show on Calidar is certain to offer unbound color and fascination.

Calidar Flying CircusThe booklet should range 60-80 pages incl. color maps, at least that’s the current ball-park.  The final count should be set by the end of this year when the writing is complete.  "Aeries" shown on the main map are groups of adjoining residences on the circus's main deckThese aeries' will be detailed in the text, with inset floor plans focusing on each house individually and their occupants. The same lavish treatment is to be expected for the fun houses, the main attractions, and the circus's lower deck (a whole new mystery itself).

Calidar Flying CircusCrowd-funding for cover art, internal illustrations, edit, and layout should take place early in 2017 (probably March).  Production will ensue, pointing at a summer release. As always, thank you for your interest and your support of the Calidar series.  Until we meet again, I’ll let you discover a few more screen shots to give you a mental image of what this flying circus looks like from the outside.

Calidar Flying Circus