Thursday, July 19, 2018

Skyship Spells

While re-reading the story in CAL1 In Stranger Skies, I made a list of Capt. d'Alberran's spells. I listed a few here using D&D BECMI terminology for the sake of clarity. Let me know your comments as to playability/usefulness. I'll add more later if you're interested in this.

Helmsman’s Helping Hand
Spell Level: 2 (School of Invocation)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour for every 3 exp. levels of the caster
Effect: Temporarily improves a helmsman’s abilities

The spell temporarily improves a helmsman’s basic navigation/piloting and observation skills +10% (+2 on a scale of 1-18), as well as the crew member’s Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence ability scores +5% (+1 on a scale of 1-18). Bonuses to ability scores apply solely as regards challenges in handling the helm and keeping on course despite adverse conditions. Ref. CAL1 pg. 4.

Artificer’s Mending Brace
Spell Level: 3 (Schools of Abjuration and Alteration)
Range: 30’ +2’ for every 3 exp. levels of the caster
Duration: permanent mending; brace on concentration
Effect: Temporarily prevents a wooden object from breaking and repairs structural damage

The spell enables the caster to prevent a wooden structure such as a ship’s mast, part of its hull, a palisade, part of a bridge (etc.), from breaking so long as concentration is maintained. The spell affects a structure up to 90ft3 +3ft3 per experience level. While concentration is maintained, the spell repairs 10% of any kinetic damage to the affected structure for each combat round. The spell does not replace material that no longer exists; burned, dissolved, or disintegrated matter cannot be repaired. Ref. CAL1 pg. 6.

Artificer’s Unseen Shield
Spell Level: 4 (Schools of Abjuration and Invocation)
Range: 30’ +1’ for every exp. level of the caster
Duration: 1 battle encounter
Effect: Generates localized protection

The spell brings into existence an invisible barrier lessening the effects of magical attacks crossing through it. The shield covers a flat area 100ft2 +10ft2 per experience level. Effects apply in the following order—1. If the attack did not involve a saving throw, one is allowed; if it succeeds, damage is halved (if no physical damage was involved, then the effects are negated). 2. If a saving throw was allowed, it automatically succeeds. The shield remains anchored in place or moves with the closest structure at the time the spell was cast (a fortification, a ship, a bridge, etc.) The shield’s protection benefits both structures and creatures. Ref. CAL1 pg. 12.

Note: The schools are part of some design work I'll introduce in CAL2 On Wings of Darkness (Calidar's alter-ego to Mystara's GAZ3 Principalities of Glantri).

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Along Comes a Dragon

I've always been fascinated with dragons variants and sub-variants. Purists may frown. Here's one I'm developing for #Calidar, written up here with D&D BECMI stats. I'm looking for comments on playability and DM usage. I'm not familiar with 5e, so if a charitable soul wants to come up with a conversion, thank you!!

Shadow Dragonby Max-Dragon

Entropic Dragon:
AC –2, 14 HD, MV 150’ (50’)/360’ (120’) flying, AT 1 bite (breath or spell) + 2 claws + 2 wings + 1 tail whip, Damage 2d10+8 (bite) + 1d8+3 (all others), Size VL—Str 20, Dex 8, Con n/a, Int 17, Wis 11, Per 15 (in elven form), MR 10, Saves as warrior Lvl 36, AL C. Faith: Astafeth (pious). Apparent Age: young adult. Ancestry: Draconic (usually appears to be a dark-skinned elven sorceress).
Abilities: Spellcasting as a sorcerer—Lvl I x4, Lvl  II x3, Lvl III x3, Lvl IV x3, Lvl V x2, Lvl VI x1. Breath weapon—either acid spit (a 120’ x 5’ strip inflicting as many hit points of damage as the entropic dragon currently possesses) or a cone of entropic darkness (90’ x 40’); everything caught in the cone must save or suffer the following—living creatures permanently age +50% (or +25% with a successful save); ferrous metals rust (magical items get a substantial bonus to their saves), organic materials rot/spoil away (including leather goods, wooden objects, clothes, scrolls, spellbooks, potions, food, etc.). All spell effects end at once aside from the cone’s own impenetrable darkness (no save). The entropic dragon can also switch at will between its dragon and elven appearances, and enjoys the abilities of a rogue LF14.
Ring of Secrecy: [The dragon presented in the upcoming Wings of Darkness gazetteer] wears a magical ring protecting its owner from crystal balls and all mind-reading attempts.