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Skyship Spells III

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This is the third and possibly final entry for skyship spells (at least for now). This follows the previous article on the subject. Most of these spells were introduced in #Calidar's CAL1 "In Stranger Skies," and they are described here using D&D BECMI game stats for simplicity and clarity. As always, opinions are welcome as regards their game balance and playability.


Unyielding Cord
Spell Level: 3 (School of Illusion)
Range: 30’ + 3’ per exp. level of the caster
Duration: 1 Turn
Effect: Produces a phantasmal rope

Appearing as a strand of purple light, the Unyielding Cord is cast so that one end attaches to a sentient creature while the other remains in the caster’s hands or is attached to an object within the caster’s immediate reach. This spell cannot bind two objects together or creatures immune to mind-affecting magic. Objects do not save. Creatures get saving throws vs. spells adjusted with Intelligence modifiers (with rules other than BECMI, a –2 penalty for low Intelligence, or a +2 bonus for high Intelligence). The spell’s effect ends if the saving throw succeeds or if an attack against the cord with a slashing weapon, claws, or talons scores a critical hit. It can otherwise be dispelled by a third party (or the caster). If cast at a creature’s neck, the cord forms a tight noose preventing speech, spellcasting, and breath weapons (though it still allows labored breathing). The Unyielding Cord may target an object within range, so long as the caster holds its other end; in this case, the caster and companions failing their saving throws can use it to climb past obstacles. Ref. CAL1 pg. 35 & 49.

...OK, that was a weird one. J

Wizard’s Tail
Spell Level: 3 (School of Enchantment)
Range: 30’ per exp. level of the caster
Duration: permanent until dispelled
Effect: Places a tracking enchantment on a person or an object

The spell enables the caster to mark an object with a tracking enchantment. It produces a small ball of faint blue light, about the size of a large cherry, which moves at 90’ per round until it reaches its target. The caster controls its flight. A saving throw vs. spell is required if the target is a living creature; none is required for any other creature or an object (such as a skyship). If successful, the light fades out, and the tracking enchantment remains on the target permanently. A spell to detect magic may reveal the presence of a Wizard’s Tail, and enable it to be dispelled.
Later on, periodic locate object spells are needed for the caster to sense the target’s position, regardless of how far away it may be at the time (including on another planet). In other words, the tailing spell acts as an emitter while the locate object spell works as a receptor. The enchantment’s signal does not extend past outer planes. The Wizard’s Tail informs the caster of the target’s heading and speed at the time the locate object spell is cast (for example: the target is on another planet, which moves in a predictable way), making it possible to set an intercept course through the Netherworld. Several attempts at locating a target may be needed if it changes direction unexpectedly while the caster travels to reach it. Ref. CAL1 pg. 34.

Dimension Door II
Spell Level: 4 (School of Alteration)
Range: 30’ + 3’ per exp. level of the caster
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Relocates a creature or item

This is a variant of the original Dimension Door spell described in the BECMI game rules. The target range is much longer, while the effect is much reduced—60’ maximum from the caster’s position. It can also affect objects that aren’t fastened to something else, for example: a section of wall, part of someone’s body, or a weapon held in someone’s hand cannot be targeted, but a weapon lying on a table certainly can. The destination remains within the caster’s line of sight and free of obstructions. Unwilling victims get a saving throw vs. spells. Ref. CAL1 pg. 8 & 49.

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