Thursday, July 19, 2018

Skyship Spells

While re-reading the story in CAL1 In Stranger Skies, I made a list of Capt. d'Alberran's spells. I listed a few here using D&D BECMI terminology for the sake of clarity. Let me know your comments as to playability/usefulness. I'll add more later if you're interested in this.

Helmsman’s Helping Hand
Spell Level: 2 (School of Invocation)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour for every 3 exp. levels of the caster
Effect: Temporarily improves a helmsman’s abilities

The spell temporarily improves a helmsman’s basic navigation/piloting and observation skills +10% (+2 on a scale of 1-18), as well as the crew member’s Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence ability scores +5% (+1 on a scale of 1-18). Bonuses to ability scores apply solely as regards challenges in handling the helm and keeping on course despite adverse conditions. Ref. CAL1 pg. 4.

Artificer’s Mending Brace
Spell Level: 3 (Schools of Abjuration and Alteration)
Range: 30’ +2’ for every 3 exp. levels of the caster
Duration: permanent mending; brace on concentration
Effect: Temporarily prevents a wooden object from breaking and repairs structural damage

The spell enables the caster to prevent a wooden structure such as a ship’s mast, part of its hull, a palisade, part of a bridge (etc.), from breaking so long as concentration is maintained. The spell affects a structure up to 90ft3 +3ft3 per experience level. While concentration is maintained, the spell repairs 10% of any kinetic damage to the affected structure for each combat round. The spell does not replace material that no longer exists; burned, dissolved, or disintegrated matter cannot be repaired. Ref. CAL1 pg. 6.

Artificer’s Unseen Shield
Spell Level: 4 (Schools of Abjuration and Invocation)
Range: 30’ +1’ for every exp. level of the caster
Duration: 1 battle encounter
Effect: Generates localized protection

The spell brings into existence an invisible barrier lessening the effects of magical attacks crossing through it. The shield covers a flat area 100ft2 +10ft2 per experience level. Effects apply in the following order—1. If the attack did not involve a saving throw, one is allowed; if it succeeds, damage is halved (if no physical damage was involved, then the effects are negated). 2. If a saving throw was allowed, it automatically succeeds. The shield remains anchored in place or moves with the closest structure at the time the spell was cast (a fortification, a ship, a bridge, etc.) The shield’s protection benefits both structures and creatures. Ref. CAL1 pg. 12.

Note: The schools are part of some design work I'll introduce in CAL2 On Wings of Darkness (Calidar's alter-ego to Mystara's GAZ3 Principalities of Glantri). An index of all spells  listed in the following eight articles is available, along with their links (click here).

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