Tuesday, November 19, 2019

D&D Class: Dragon Slayer!

The Dragon Slayer by Tom Wood © Tom Wood (presumably) 
One of Meryath’s iconic hero is the dragon slayer. A character class is presented here, which can be adapted to various mainstream RPGs. These specialists are members of the Guild of Dragon Slayers, from which they obtain training and general support (see CAL1 In Stranger Skies, pg. 93). They are legally required to maintain their licenses and pay a 10% share of their plunders to the guild. Magical gems of truth are routinely used to verify the members’ integrity. Rules of conduct becoming Meríon the Great are also in effect. The guild house is located in Glorathon, a block north of Meríon Street in the Baron’s Court district (building #31, CAL1, pg. 97 and 105).

Advancement: Dragon slayers use standard warrior experience, combat, and saving throw charts from the chosen RPGs. Combat maneuvers and special abilities normally attributed to conventional warriors are also available to dragon slayers. Three experience tracks are provided: one for Calidar’s percentile rating, and two others corresponding to career advancements in other RPGs. Scale A is intended for fighters with d8 base Hit Dice. Scale B addresses other OSR games where warriors use d10s as their base Hit Dice. Scale B can also be used for the latest RPG designs, although encounter challenges should be adjusted significantly to match the combat abilities available to PCs in these games. Starting at 10th level and up, dragon slayers only earn +2 hit points on Scale A, +3 hit points on Scale B.

Prerequisites: Dragon slayers must possess Strength and Charisma ability scores of 16 or better (also see Spellcasting, next). The career is available to all races other than fellfolk or gnome (sorry, no dragon-slaying pixies). Benevolent philosophies do not permit harming dragons with similar ethics; less principled actors bear no such limitations.

Spellcasting: Later in their careers, dragon slayers acquire spells. The player chooses whether these spells are those of magic-users or clerics. Once the decision is made, it cannot be changed at a later time. To obtain clerical spells, a dragon slayer must be a pious or zealot follower of a specific deity (see CC1 Beyond the Skies, pg. 114 and 185). Dwarves can only cast clerical spells. Spellcasting requires a minimum score of 13 in Intelligence (or Wisdom, as appropriate).

Equipment: Dragon slayer armor is limited to studded leather, scale mail made from dragon hides, helm, and shield. There are no restrictions on weapons, although the primary weapon must be able to inflict at least 1d8 base damage.