Monday, August 13, 2018

Skyship Spells IV

Just so you don't think I've given up on skyship spells, here are another three, written for the D&D BECMI game mechanics. None of those came up in CAL1 "In Stranger Skies," though one of them will in the Star Phoenix story featured in the next Calidar Gazetteer. Have fun. These haven't been playtested yet, so comments and suggestions are helpful to address loopholes and other clunkers. Click here for the previous three spells.


Spell Level: 1 (School of Divination)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Identifies the caster’s location

                This outdoor dweomer is useful for navigators and explorers. Three geographical features familiar to the caster must be named while casting the spell, including mountain peaks or urban centers that aren’t perfectly aligned. For space travel, celestial bodies may be selected instead. The effect gives a mental clue to the recipient about the caster’s position on the surface of a world or in the Great Vault, relative to the three chosen points at exactly the time the spell was cast. The enchantment correctly marks a map, navigational chart, globe, or other medium held in hand (if any) when casting the spell. The mark is plainly visible for a round only. A read magic spell is required thereafter to show the mark, as well as the caster’s name and local date/time the spell was cast. The effect can be dispelled permanently.

Phantasmally Displayed Figments
Spell Level: 2 (School of Illusion)
Range: 1 Hour
Duration: Concentration
Effect: Projects stills

                The spell replicates one or more existing images in mid air. Images can be paintings, single book pages, scrolls, maps, or small objects within immediate reach of the caster. Up to 6 images plus one per experience level can be selected during the round the spell is spoken. Flipping through a book to select more images is acceptable, although casting time may take more than a round at the DM’s discretion. All selected images become two-dimensional figments. Known as PDFs, these figments can be enlarged without blurring up to 4 inches high or wide per level of the caster. No other details appear than what was on the original material. The caster may manipulate PDFs, moving them together or separately up to 1 foot range per experience level, at a movement rate of up to 3’ per round. Luminescent properties enable PDFs to be displayed in the dark. PDFs last an hour or until dismissed by the caster, whichever comes first. A locate object spell may be used to find a specific element within a number of PDFs, such as map label; the element must be described in three words or fewer. The locate object spell cannot find anything that isn’t displayed on the PDFs. If successful, the spell fetches the desired PDF and highlights the object of the search. REF. CAL2 (est. release date early 2019)

Restore Wood
Spell Level: 2 (School of Alteration)
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Purifies and treats wood

                Intended as routine treatment for wooden structures, the spell dislodges organisms living on their surface or within them, such as algae, worms, termites, barnacles, etc. and repairs related damage. Any previous alchemical treatment is restored, as well as sealing material. The spell affects a surface up to 90 sqft. + 9 sqft. per experience level, extending 6 inches deep, enough for a typical wall or a ship’s hull. The spell does not repair any sort of combat damage.

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