Monday, September 10, 2018

Skyship Spells VII

Welcome to the next 3 D&D BECMI spells:
1. Spectral Sail 
2. Captain's Jinx
3. Helmsman's Glory
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Spectral Sail
Spell Level: 5 (School of Invocation)
Range: 90’
Duration: Permanent until dismissed, dispelled, or damaged
Effect: Creates an incorporeal sail

The caster brings into existence one or more ghostlike sails capable of capturing atmospheric and ethereal winds, enabling navigation through normal skies and the Great Void. These sails require a frame upon which to be fastened, such as masts and yardarms. When acquired, the spell engenders enough sails to complement three masts and their yardarms on a single vessel. For every 3 experience levels thereafter, additional sails may be summoned for another mast and its yardarms. The caster has the ability to furl, unfurl, and trim all spectral sails at once or separately. Spectral sails are immune to non-magical damage, although they will be dispelled if their yardarms or theirs masts are broken. Though they do not tear under strong atmospheric winds, they may do so in an ethereal storm. Any magical damage will remove a spectral sail. This spell is part of the enchantment process needed to produce permanently magical canvas.

Top Illustration: Kevin Yan, Seven Days to the Grave © 2008, Paizo Publishing, LLC

Captain’s Jinx
Spell Level: 2 (School of Illusion)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 encounter
Effect: Gives a skyship the appearance of erratic maneuvering

This spell modifies the way observers outside the skyship perceive its movement (no save). The skyship appears to maneuver in unpredictable ways, skidding and jinking to confuse attackers. As a result, the vessel gains a +2 bonus to its saving throws and to its armor class versus missile weapons. The recipient also gains a saving throw against magical attacks that don’t normally involve one. If the roll succeeds, the magical attack fails entirely. See Skyship Saving Throws for more detail on the subject. The effect lasts until dismissed, dispelled, or until no pursuer remains within attack range. Blind creatures are immune to Captains’ Jinxes. Multiple spells do not cumulate.

Helmsman’s Glory
Spell Level: 2 (School of Alteration)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Enables an impossible ship maneuver

When cast on a skyship’s helmsman, the spell enables the recipient to perform an otherwise impossible maneuver. Examples include the “drunken pirate” (a turn maneuver one hexside more than what the skyship ought to be able to perform), the “scorpion’s sting” (the skyship suddenly skids round its midship to shoot a broadside at a pursuer with a –2 penalty to hit, and then resumes its original heading at the end of the same round without loss of speed), or the “griffon’s gambit” (moving 60˚ port or starboard without modifying the vessel’s bearing)

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