Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Seven Poster Maps

I completed a YouTube presentation video of the seven poster maps for use with the upcoming Calidar gazetteer CAL2 "On Wings of Darkness," due for public release late June/early July 2019 at DTRPG.

CAL2 "On Wings of Darkness" is part of the #Calidar fantasy game world. All seven poster maps are shown in this video: 
  1. The players' map of Caldwen (stylized hexes), 
  2. The game masters' topographic version of the same,
  3. The Valley of Arafor near the capital city,
  4. The Upper District of the flying city,
  5. The Middle District,
  6. The Lower District,
  7. Port Arcana slums at ground level beneath the flying city or Arcanial, great capital of the wizards of Caldwen.
The core gazetteer is due for release at the same time, along with its players' Guide, PG2 "A Players' Guide to Caldwen." An adventure book is in the works, with an expected completion date circa Christmas 2019.

EDIT -- I found out that the blog's version of the video is blurred when enlarged to fullscreen scale. The original on YouTube is much sharper.