Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Proofs from the Printer

One more book came in from the printer yesterday: CST1 "Under the Great Vault," Calidar's first promotional booklet.  Many of you remember this one in its original PDF form, as a freebie for Kickstarter backers.  It is offered exclusively to crowdfunding supporters who can now purchase this printed version if they omitted to do so during the most recent Kickstarter (2015-2016).

"Under the Great Vault" is a glossy softcover booklet produced with what Lightning Source (DTRPG's printer) calls standard color stock:  a thinner paper than the one used in CAL1 "In Stranger Skies" hardcover book.  It is available here only because I'd included this format as part of my latest Kickstarter, before Lightning Source requested a thicker paper be used instead.  They are honoring my offer--thank you!  Future books of this type will have to use the "premium color stock,"  which is nicer but more expensive.  Lightning Source has a problem with the thinner paper because it tends to misfeed, and therefore they are phasing it out.  I'd never heard of this problem until DTRPG's customer service rep brought it up.  On the other hand, most of my sales so far have concerned the hardcover book with the higher grade paper stock.  In any case, DTRP will graciously replace damaged or misprinted copies.