Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Black Blood in the Night: Player Characters Listing

Thief: T6, AC4, hp24, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d6+1, Save T6, AL N; St12, In11, Wi10, Dx17, Co13, Ch15. Abilities: OpLk40, FnTr35, RmTr34, CmWa92, MvSi44, HdSh32, PkPk45, HrNs54, RdLg80; backstab for double damage; has skyship sails operations skill (Intelligence); Follower of Istra: +1 to ability checks when performed with unusual panache. Equipment: +1 short sword, +1 leather armor, potion of invisibility, ring of fire resistance, scroll of protection from undead.

Prior of Soltan: C5, AC3, hp28, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d6+2/+5, Save C5, AL L; St13 In10, Wi17, Dx11, Co15, Ch12. Abilities: Turn Undead; Clerical Spells: I (x4), II (x2); +1 bonus to attack rolls with flaming sword; Soltan’s limited prescience (+2 bonus to Initiative once per day); reads old Tanethian (-4 penalty to Intelligence check to converse in that language); has Ancient Religions Lore skill (Intelligence). Equipment: +1/+3 flaming sword, +1 chain mail, +1 shield, ring of regeneration.

Fighter: F5, AC-3, hp35, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d8+4, Save F5, AL L; St17, In10, Wi12, Dx13, Co15, Ch11. Abilities: as a follower of Odin gains +1 bonus to Wisdom checks; enjoys skyship helmsman skill (Wisdom). Equipment: +2 sword, +1 plate armor (total +3 bonus to saving throws), +1 shield, potion of heroism, bag of holding.

Dwarf: D5, AC3, hp40, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 axe or light crossbow, Dmg d6+4 or d6+1, Save D5, AL N; St16, In12, Wi13, Dx11, Co16, Ch10. Abilities: infravision; as a faithful of Khrâlia possesses basic knowledge of rocks and precious stones; has skyship engineering/carpentry skills (Intelligence). Equipment: +2 battleaxe, +1 crossbow, +2 chain mail, potion of super-healing.

Magic User: MU5, AC6, hp20, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 19, AT 1 staff, Dmg 2d6, Save MU5, AL N; St10, In17, Wi11, Dx15, Co13, Ch12. Abilities: as a follower of the Great Turtle gains a +1 bonus to saves vs. magical attacks; has charting/navigation skill (Intelligence). Wizard spells: I (x4), II (x2), III (x1). Equipment: +1 dagger, staff of striking, +2 ring of protection, scroll of communication. Spell book: I. analyze, detect magic, light, magic missiles, protection from evil, read languages, read magic; II. detect evil, invisibility, knock, wizard lock; III. lightning bolt, haste.

Elf: E5, AC2, hp28, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 17, AT 1 bow or sword, Dmg d6+2 or d8+2, Save E5, AL L; St15, In16, Wi10, Dx14, Co13, Ch10. Abilities: immune to ghoul paralysis, detect secret doors, infravision; as a follower of Delathien, enjoys basic knowledge of plants; possesses Ancient Ships Lore skill (Intelligence -4). Wizard spells: I (x4), II (x2), III (x1). Equipment: +2 long bow, +1 sword, +1 banded mail, elven boots. Spell book: I. charm person, floating disk, hold person, light, shield, read magic, ventriloquism; II. levitate, mirror image, web; III. dispel magic, protection from normal missiles.

Note: the first player whose character is eliminated gets to run Constable Crayne (who decides to rejoin the party to check up on them first hand).

Oh, man!  Now *THAT's* scary! Hooooo...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Calidar Softcover Approved

After many troubles related entirely to internal issues at DTRPG and Lightning Source (the printer), the softcover version of Calidar's book finally earned its approval.  I received a clean proof yesterday, Sept. 30th, and straight away ordered copies for the backers who wanted them.  It'll take a few weeks for everyone to receive their packages. General sales on DTRPG will be available later today (I'll amend the related page on this blog this morning). Here are a few pictures.