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Skyship Spells II

Image: J. Rainville. ©2016 Wizards of the Coast
Moving right along following the first article, here are another three spells described using D&D BECMI game stats. Any comments or suggestions regarding game balance and playability are greatly appreciated. More will be added in the coming days. Keep a wizard eye out for them.


Booming Voice
Spell Level: 1 (School of Alteration)
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn or until dispelled
Effect: Amplifies and broadcasts one’s voice

The spell enables one’s voice to overcome all ambient noises and turn it into a booming address within the area of effect, regardless of any airless void. The area affected is a 60˚ cone extending from the recipient’s mouth and as far away as 300’ + 20’ per exp. level of the caster. Ref. CAL1 pg. 15 & 51.

Sky Sight
Spell Level: 2 (School of Divination)
Range: Caster only
Duration: 1 Turn
Effect: Detects ships (short range)

This spell detects large flying objects or creatures. It displays the positions of detected items as flickering dots of colored light within three concentric circles on a ghostly greenish or amber screen. The dot at the center of the screen reflects the caster’s own position. The area of effect covers three ranges corresponding to the screen’s concentric circles. Short range (within the smaller circle) reaches 2 miles plus 150 yards per exp. level of the caster. Medium range (within the center ring) adds an extra 3 miles plus 250 yards per level. Long range (in the outer ring) adds another 4 miles plus 400 yards per level.
                “Bogies” 50’ or larger are detected at short range, 100’ or larger at medium range, and 200’ or larger at long range. Sizes refer to ships’ hulls (ignore masts and sails) and monster bodies (rather than their full wing spans and tails). Sky Sight cannot detect invisible objects/creatures or those flying less than 300’ from the ground or the surface of a sea. Darkness, clouds, or fog do not affect detection, but large objects (asteroids, mountains, or huge ships) may hide anything smaller aligned exactly behind them, from the caster’s point of view. Two items immediately adjacent to each other or a swarm of small objects may appear as one larger signal on the screen.
                The outside ring shows numbers on its perimeter, ranging from 0 to 359 (zero being the direction in which the caster is facing). When used in conjunction with the Wizard’s Tail, the spell identifies the item of interest if it flies within the area of effect. A spy glass may be pointed at a dot on the screen, enabling the caster to examine a magnified view of the detected item for 1 round, after which the spell ends. (Not referenced in CAL1.)

Smother Conflagration
Spell Level: 3 (School of Alteration)
Range: 30’, 900 ft2 area
Duration: 1 Round
Effect: Prevents fire from spreading

All open flames in the area of effect are immediately snuffed out. This spell prevents collateral blazes resulting from magical and non-magical attacks from spreading. It does not remove a persistent fire hazard (such as a lava projectile or a red-hot cannonball); subsequent actions are therefore needed (such as dousing or cold-based magic). Though unharmed, fire elementals and similar beings will seek to exit if caught within. Though the spell effect appears as a bubble, it does not prevent anyone from stepping into or out of it, nor does it prevent projectiles and magic from passing through it. Ref. CAL1 pg. 12.

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