Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Calidar Kickstarter Updates

Greetings all.

A few things have been going on during the past several days. First off, discount coupons offered as part of Dreams of Aerie's Kickstarter didn't quite work as I'd expected, failing to accomplish two key goals:  the first was to allow multiple purchases, the other therefore was to bundle shipping costs. The result of this was that the added cost of mailing separate orders exceeded the value of the discounts. Fortunately, I could pinpoint those folks with messed-up orders and at least reimburse them for the value of unredeemed coupons. I otherwise handled the majority of backers' orders myself, ensuring properly redeemed discounts and bundled shipping.

Another issue with these discounts was that they did not allow purchasing privately listed titles (they should have). This forced me to list CST1 & CST2 publicly. This is a temporary measure. These two booklets will be resuming their "private" status very soon. If any backers remain who still want to exercise their options to purchase these books with the discounts offered in their Kickstarter pledges, please contact me. I'll be happy to handle their orders myself directly (forget these coupons entirely). 

A final problem with the coupons was that they were intended to include both printed books with their associated PDF documents. I was able to send the PDFs to a number of backers whose names were listed with their purchases on DTRPG. On the other hand, a number of purchases only showed customer numbers. If anyone has purchased a printed booklet and is missing the associated PDF document to which they were entitled, please contact me. I'll be more than happy to have DTRPG e-mail the appropriate download links. My sincere apologies for the hassle this created for everyone.

What else? Work is proceeding apace on CA1 Dreams of Aerie. Joe Garcia is generating internal art. Eric Lofgren has completed the cover art, shown on the left. Thorfinn Tait is our man for collecting all the pieces and copyfitting everything. Many thanks to all three! Meanwhile, I'll be placing orders at DTRPG for everyone's deck plans very soon. If you are planning on adding deck plans to your Kickstarter pledges, now's a good time to do so. After I'm done with this part of the rewards fulfillment, I will not accept any other such requests as these deck plans will become available to the public. This should happen within the next few days. Deck plans are printed at locations separate from those handling the books, which is why I'm sending them out without waiting any further (they would have otherwise been bundled with the books, in December).

Calidar's system-agnostic game mechanics were released to the public yesterday. These are needed to understand game stats in Calidar books. Some of you are already quite familiar with this material, which was introduced in CC1 Beyond the Skies. The 12-page color booklet also provides an overview of the Calidar universe and a look at its "known world," the Great Caldera. Right now, only the PDF document is available, as a pay-what-want item. Anything you decide to pay for it will help support the product line -- thank you. Digital files have been submitted to the printer for pre-press approval. A printed version of these game mechanics should become available to the public within the next 3-4 weeks.

Thank you for your patience and for your support!