Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Mage's Conundrum

As I learned to produce video presentations, a number of ideas crossed my mind about what this could lead to. Thinking outside the box -- though I'm not a professional techie in audio-visual arts, far from that, or a seasoned voiceover actor, I can still do a few things that could turn out to be entertaining. I guess it's a learning process.

I recently completed a video for my upcoming project, after umpteen tries and recourse to an app to alter my voice (since mine remains desperately tinny and somewhat geeky despite my best efforts). The result sounds a tad artificial, but nonetheless a bit more bearable than the original, at least to my ear. I suppose the brand new microphone encouraged me to look for more trouble than anyone deserves (you or me).

Click on this image to launch video
Here's an example of a (very short) reading from my upcoming story. I may do more of these as a way get used to enounce written text, which isn't a natural thing for me... yet. And yes, you are entitled to cringe at the concept. I do. Thankfully, Blogspot limits direct uploads to files less than 100 megs (thus do I rely on Youtube links instead).

I brought up another idea to the Mystara Reborn chat group on Facebook about a series of recordings during which I'd read the names of places and characters from that game world. It seemed a popular suggestion. So, as soon as I can free some time from my present project, I'll apply the idea, perhaps on a per-kingdom basis. I may do this as well for the world of Calidar, for good measure. If you're unfamiliar with Mystara Reborn, click on the image below.

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