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Masters & Commanders Pt. II

Captain-at-Arms Wu Yuntai: AC 1 (unarmored), Lvl 8 elf (in other D&D versions a Fighter/Magic-user Lvl 8/8), hp 36, MV 120’ (40’), AT 1 sword +1 (right hand, expert proficiency), Dmg 2d8 sword, Size M—Str 16, Dex 14 (Agt 14/Dex 10), Con 15, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 12, ML 11, Saves as fighter, NP 4*, AL Neutral (“Lawful Neutral” in other game versions). Faith: none established. Credentials: none. Apparent Age: mid 30s. Ancestry: elven; unknown origins. (*) NP: see note on Notoriety Points in the previous article.

         Magic-User Spellcasting—L1 x3, L2 x3, L3 x2, L4 x2.
         General Skills—Set #1 Army Commander (no penalty) incl. Bravery (Wis), Horse Riding (Dex), Intimidation (Int), Knowledge of Palace Intrigue (Int), Leadership (Cha), and Military Tactics (Wis); Individual Skills incl. Alertness (Dex), Knowledge of Falconry (Wis), and Quick Draw (Dex).
         Weapon Proficiencies—basic proficiency with dagger, longbow, and staff; expert proficiency with sword. Commander’s Rating—(14) Good (see Skyship Saving Throws).

Spellbook: L1—Analyze, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Light*, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Read Magic
         L2—Detect Evil, Detect Invisible, Levitate, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force
         L3—Dispel Magic, Fireball, Protection from Normal Missiles
         L4—Remove Curse*

Equipment: Breastplate of defense AC4, sword +1/+3 vs. dragon kin, ring of protection +2 (holding his hair), rod of bolts (1 charge), potion of healing.

Rod of Bolts: This weapon is a standard piece of equipment for marines aboard the Star Phoenix. The ship’s artificer is responsible for recharging these items after they are used. Each can release one half-strength lightning bolt (thus, 3d6 damage per bolt) per encounter. Although rarely true, as many as 20 marines (also referred to as “airvaliants” in Meryath) make up the ship’s full complement, plus their commander. A squad of a dozen is more common, often split between the ship’s fore and aft sections. A full concentrated broadside can be devastating, however, marines are trained to avoid aiming at the same point—rather, their bolts typically fan out in order to stop an enemy crew from boarding. Once the rods are discharged, marines revert to normal swordfight. The rods almost never receive more than a charge each to limit damage should one fall into the wrong hands. Marines are personally responsible for their rods, and are instructed to destroy them if at risk of being seized by an enemy.

Airvaliants (11-19): AC 6 (leather), Lvl 2 fighters, hp 10-12, MV 120’ (40’), AT 1 sword or bolt, Dmg 1d8 sword or 3d6 bolt, Size M, ML 10. Weapon Proficiencies: sword, dagger, pike, light crossbow.

Sergeant-at-Arms (1): AC 3 (chain mail), Lvl 3 fighter, hp 20, MV 120’ (40’), AT 1 sword +1 or bolt, Dmg 1d12 sword or 3d6 bolt, Size M—Str 16, Dex 13 (Agt 13/Dex 9), Con 13, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 12, ML 9, AL Neutral (or “Lawful Neutral” in other game versions). Faith: Istra*. Credentials: none. Apparent Age: early 40s. Ancestry: Human; Meryath. Weapon Proficiencies: basic proficiency with dagger, pike, and light crossbow; “skilled” proficiency with sword. (*) +1 to hit vs. Draconic knights.

Master Artificer Ebben Rugwittle: AC 5 (unarmored), Lvl 9 magic-user, hp 23, MV 90’ (30’), AT 1 dagger +1 (right hand, expert proficiency), Dmg 2d4 dagger, Size S—Str 11, Dex 17 (Agt 14/Dex 15), Con 12, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 13, ML 10, Saves as magic-user, NP 2*, AL Neutral (“Chaotic Neutral” in other game versions). Faith: none established. Credentials: none. Apparent Age: late 40s. Ancestry: gnomish; unknown origins. (*) NP: see note on Notoriety Points in the previous article.

         Magic-User Spellcasting—L1 x3, L2 x3, L3 x3, L4 x2, L5 x1.
         General Skills—Set #1 Skyship Engineer (no penalty) incl. Knowledge of Machinery (Int), Knowledge of Physics (Int), Skyship Engineering (Int), Ship Building (Int); Individual Skills incl. Craft (Weaver, Int.), Craft (Seamster, Int), Profession (Ship Chandler, Int).
         Weapon Proficienciesbasic proficiency with sling; “expert” proficiency with dagger. Commander’s Rating—(13) Good (see Skyship Saving Throws).

Spellbook: L1—Analyze, Floating Disc, Hold Portal, Structural Appraisal, Detect Magic, Light*, Magic Missile, Protection from Rot, Protection from Rust, Read Magic, Restore Charges
         L2—Azimuthal Lock, Detect Evil, Detect Invisible, Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, Mirror Image, Restore Wood, Wizard Lock
         L3—Artificer’s Blinding Flare, Artificer’s Mending Brace, Create Air, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility 10’ Radius, Smother Conflagration, Unyielding Cord
         L4—Clothform, Dimension Door, Ice Storm/Wall of Ice, Remove Curse
         L5—Spectral Sail, Dissolve, Woodform

Equipment: dagger +1/+3 vs. incorporeal beings, shoe buckles of defense AC6, ring of catnapping (20mn of sleep count as a full hour of rest).

Restore Charges
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Refills depleting magical items.

         This handy spell enables the artificer to restore spent charges to certain magical items, such as wands, staves, rods, and others previously devised to require charges. The artificer must memorize the original enchantment’s spell. The restoration then duplicates the memorized spell’s effect, restoring charges to one item or distributing them to a group of identical items in close contact. The number of duplicated charges is equal to the artificer’s experience level divided by the memorized spell level (round up). When done, both the source and restoration spells are used up.
         Ship Artificer Rugwittle restores charges to the marines’ rods of bolts, revitalizing 3 items per spell (up to 9 per day conceivably, more if the DM allows trading a higher level spell for a lower level one). To remain “legit” with established rules on enchanting magical items, the cost of recharges still remains in force. This includes spell components or, in Rugwittle’s case, Oil of Seith, which can be substituted for normal ingredients in the Calidar universe (see CC1 “Beyond the Skies” for details on Seitha, page 205). This oil takes up less space than common spell components, a desirable quality within a skyship’s limited confines. Coincidentally, the cost of Seitha is exactly the same as what established game rules suggest (see Rules Cyclopedia, page 252).

Azimuthal Lock
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Restricts an object’s movement.

         This spell is part of the enchantment process of a sailing skyship’s hull. It helps restrict its movement to its hull’s centerline, without which the skyship would otherwise drift with the wind. The movement restriction isn’t absolute, attesting to the fact that sailing skyships do drift to some degree, depending on the strength of cross winds, much like a seagoing vessel.
         The spell can be cast on any single object with the same effect. The artificer determines exactly along what axis the recipient should move. For example, if cast on a sword, it could to made to move freely in a direction aligned with its blade. Physical strength would otherwise have to be applied to alter its direction (which would be the function of the helm on a skyship). Any single point of Strength can either rotate an Azimuthal Lock +/– 10˚ or push the recipient sideways by a foot, per hour. So, 10 characters with an 18 Strength would need six minutes to rotate it 180˚ or push it 18’ sideways (+/–5˚ per combat round or 6 inches sideways). Perfectly ridiculous but it’s fantasy so get used to it.
         The spell can affect a single object fitting within a foot-large sphere per experience level of the artificer. Multiple spells are needed to affect a larger object, like a skyship. Two Azimuthal Locks can be cast on a same item at different angles, essentially locking it in place until dispelled

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