Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Crucible of Thoth -- Episode III

The Crucible of Thoth

Bruce Heard & Janet Deaver-Pack

(continued from Part II)

       A new character appeared at the far edge of the painted scene whence Percival had come. The beast with the four arms and jackal head stopped to assess the situation while a caption materialized above the pharaoh.
      “Away, demon!”
      Another snake-hissing hieroglyph flashed in response.
      “I, Menkheperure, shall smite the beast and free my kingdom from the servant of Set.”
      A mace and a wooden shield appeared in the pharaoh’s hands as he boldly marched toward the evil invader.
      “Good show, Your Majesty!” commented Percival somewhat cheekily. “You shall be mighty and illustrious, if not fully illuminated in gold, and silver, and many more pigments.”    (. . . )

Click HERE for the remainder of this episode. Your feedback is welcome since this is an unpublished story written specifically for this blog.


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