Friday, March 2, 2012

The Crucible of Thoth -- Episode IV

The Crucible of Thoth
Bruce Heard & Janet Deaver-Pack

(continued from Part III)
       Slithering quickly across the chamber, the demon and its four hook-like swords approached, poised for battle. Percival aimed two shots, and the .45 ACP rounds thudded heavily into the beast’s chest. With horror, he watched the wounds briefly gush a tenebrous ichor before the unholy flesh grew back.
       Percival flicked his wrist, and the Colt vanished. Magic was all he could use against this foe, and he wasn’t entirely certain it would work. The demon had defeated the enchanted images in the well chamber, and there was no telling in what ungodly manner it had prevailed.      (. . . )

Click HERE for the remainder of this episode. Your feedback is welcome since this is an unpublished story written specifically for this blog.


Click HERE for the next Adventure, "The Hand of Justice."


  1. I'm enjoying this a lot, as I wait for new episodes. (I'd also like to thank you for enabling download on google docs, as I hate using their PDF viewer.)

    1. Hi Alan. I managed to miss your post. Sorry about that. Thanks for checking out these stories. I had not planned on making them downloadable -- although I haven't made up my mind on that matter yet. Blogging is new to me, so I'm learning all the fine details. Your feedback is welcome either about the blog itself or its contents. The Crucible of Thoth is now complete. I plan on releasing more short stories on Percival St. Croix. I'm waiting to see if I get more feedback from readers. So far, what I got is positive, although viewing stats seem to be lagging (especially for Episodes 2-4). Clue? Not sure.

      By the way, what's wrong with Google's PDF viewer?