Monday, March 19, 2012

D&D Game Ideas -- Nagpas

About the Nagpas
By Bruce Heard

The Nagpas are the survivors of an ancient human civilization, the Varellyans, who were cursed by an Immortal (a god in AD&D) as the result of a civil war. One faction summoned the Immortal, a powerful demon, to destroy its rival. After completing the deed, the creature turned on those who had summoned it, and cursed them to remain forever on Mystara as vulture-like people. To this day, the malediction causes those who die to be reincarnated at the original site of the curse. Nagpas from all reaches of the world return there to recover family members, so they may hatch unharmed. Reincarnated nagpas retain all memories of their past existence, in particular the time of the curse. The core lands of the Varellyan civilization, the Vulture Peninsula, suffered from the curse and have become a rocky desert.   (. . .)

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