Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Crucible of Thoth -- Episode II

The Crucible of Thoth

Bruce Heard & Janet Deaver-Pack

(continued from Part I)

      There was no time to waste. Whatever Quint had come to acquire had to be secured, and he, Percival St. Croix, Magus of the Rosicrucian Society of London and its unique Advocate of Order, would find the way. But first, he had to cover his move.
       Percival pooled his magic and uttered a spell, his words rippling through the ether like a fey breath upon a dark pond. Time slowed to a crawl and a golden aura suffused the scene that only those with the Sight could recognize. The reality of a well-ordered universe was a resilient thing. Changing it relied on affecting how others perceived it--the greater the number of witnesses, the higher the risk magic would fail. The invocation had to be believable from the start. (. . . )

Click HERE for the remainder of this episode. Your feedback is welcome since this is an unpublished story written specifically for this blog.


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