Thursday, June 4, 2020

Don't Badmouth the Sewers

Aside from grungy rats and dripping slimes, worse things lurk where skyships do not venture, presented here in D&D BECMI style.

Underground Sewer by AbstractLuva, Deviantart © 2013-2020 AbstractLuva

Longhand Description from CAL1
            Also known as the crapulous Alorean sewer mouther, this giant aquatic fungus grows at the bottom of a sewer chasm or a murky swamp lake. Up to a dozen barbed roots anchor its knobby, bulbous body under the surface of the water. A very long, muscular tentacle that can rise well past the surface grows on top. It supports a large knot of wriggling, slimy feelers ending with tiny suckers. A translucent core bulges at the center of the feelers.
            The sewer mouther feels vibrations in the ground and in the surrounding water. When it senses something, it sends its head to investigate. The translucent bulge can emit a powerful flash capable of stunning most creatures, or at least temporarily blinding them. If the feelers detect edible prey, they attach themselves to its flesh. Tiny thorns inside the suckers inject paralyzing venom. Once a victim is disabled, its blood and life force are gradually drained. If a prey is killed, its memories survive in the mouther’s fungal brain. The creature’s mental acuity is that of its smartest prey. Through its head’s translucent bulge, it can cast spells its victims had at their disposal at the time of their deaths.
            When facing multiple foes, the head may shoot up to twenty thorns before retreating under the water’s surface. If it is cut off, another regrows in a week. The mouther can generate an electrical discharge if its lower body is attacked. It can also use up to four of its barbed roots at a time to defend itself. At least four must remain imbedded in the muck below to anchor the creature.
            A particularly clever mouther can imper­sonate previous victims. It creates fungal doubles of them, and sends them out to interact with intruders. The mouther con­trols these simulacra through empathy. Merely ruses to lead foes into a trap, they are fairly weak, and their true natures become apparent if they sustain any dam­age. Simulacra can speak any of the lan­guages available to the original victims. The controlling mouther can see and hear through these doubles.

CAL1a Interpretation for Labyrinth Lord
            Body: AC 4 (natural armor), HD 10****, 50 hp, MV 30’ per hour, AT 1 electrical discharge or 1-4 barbed roots, D electrical discharge 10d6 once per day (save vs. spell for ½ damage) or barbed roots 1d6+1 each, Save F10; Size L—Int 1d4+4 or last victim's Int, ML n/a, AL Neutral, XP 4,000.
            Tentacle (1): AC 7 (natural armor), attacks as F5, 25 hp, MV nil (can reach 90’ from body), AT 1 flash or 1-20 thorns or 1 spell, D flash (stun) or thorn 1 hp each + paralysis (one per target/round; ranges: 20/30/40) or by spell; Size L, ML 7 (retracts into the body with a failed Morale Check).
            Abilities: The sewer mouther’s fungal brain lies inside its body; it is only subject to mind-affecting spells cast by druids. Inflicting 50 hp of damage to the body kills the creature. Inflicting 25 hp of damage to the tentacle and its feelers destroys the whole limb. It will not attack anyone more than 50’ from its body. Flash—all victims within 40’ of the tentacle’s edge are stunned unless they succeed their saving throws (effect: move at 1/3 MV, can’t attack or cast spells, –2 penalty to both AC and saves). Thorns—no attack roll is needed to hit a victim at point-blank range; treat as a ghoul’s paralysis (lasts 2d4 Turns). Feeding—suckers drain 2d4 hp per Turn from a paralyzed victim (no save); surviving victims may be infected with fungal spores (at the referee’s discretion). Spells—roll 2d4–1: result indicates the experience level of the previous spellcasting victim (magic-user spells only); which ones are cast is random. Barbed Roots—can whip or ensnare victims up to 20 ft. away. Simulacracan spawn 1-4 simulacra per day (see below).
            Simulacrum: AC 9, HD 1–1, 5hp, MV 90’ (30’), AT nil, D nil, Save F1; Size S or M—everything else as body; the creature controls its simulacra telepathically up to 100 yards away; can be used to communicate with the sewer mouther. XP nil.

Source: Original design from CAL1 "In Stranger Skies." Conversion for use with Labyrinth Lord in CAL1a "Conversion Guide to Meryath" (coming soon at DTRPG).

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