Sunday, May 31, 2020

Spectral Bat

Too many magical items in the party? Need to get your PCs to head for the big monster boss of their own free will and in a hurry? Got ju-u-ust what you need. D&D BECMI stats included.

Foreground: Spectral Bat by Charles Metze III, Artstation (altered by the author)
Wonderbook: Book of Spells  - Environment Concept by atomhawk

Spectral Bat*: AC 5 (unarmored), monster HD ½***, 1 hp, MV 120’ (40’) flying, AT 1 bite or snatch, D 1-2, Save F1; Size S—Str minimal, Dex 17, Int 7, ML 7, AL Neutral, XP 8.
            Abilities: Invisible from 30’ or more; bites cause local numbness lasting about an hour (bite location: roll 1d6—1-2. Face, 3-4. Hand, 5-6. Leg).
            Immunities: Mind-affecting attacks, non-magical weapons, disease, poison, paralysis, and energy drain. Can be turned as a skeleton.
            Description: These ghostlike bats crave healing magic, which they can sense from up to 60’ away. Rather than bite, they can alter their ability to interact with the physical world up to three times per day in order to snatch what they want from inside a backpack or a closed chamber, using a short range telekinetic ability to hold on to them. They target small objects like single use potions or enchanted sweets, and fly away with them at MV 90’ (30’) to a place where they can consume them and gain extra Hit Dice. These critters often trick pursuers into a nearby chamber where a greater undead resides.

Source: Original design from CA2 "How to Train Your Wizard." Conversion for use with Labyrinth Lord in CAL2a "Conversion Guide to Caldwen."

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