Saturday, May 23, 2020

PG1 Print Proof Preview

How nice to receive a new print proof from DTRPG in less than 10 days despite dire predictions concerning delays due to the pandemic. Kudos for that. Here's a quick preview of Calidar's Players' Guide to Meryath. It will become available from DTRPG starting Sunday morning, May 24.

PG1 isn't a Kickstarter reward. It is a new title developed separately. It complements
CAL1 "In Stranger Skies" which had been published in 2014.

Gotta have a table of contents...

Aside from the geography and history section, "Heroes of Meryath" gives useful info on rolling up new characters and their bloodlines, including three new classes: dragon slayers, draconic knights, and Meryath minstrels.

Here's the standard text layout with a chart enabling easy conversion of a character class into a variety of OSR games. 

A quick look at the deities of Calidar helps players pick a cult for their heroes, and some idea on how to run a cleric. This connects directly with CC1 "Beyond the Skies," which is Calidar's version of Deities & Demigods (see earlier articles on this blog about this topic.)

PG1 picks up where CAL1 stopped as regards Meryath's capital city: Glorathon

The booklet ends with a Travel Guide detailing local currency, best bar and taverns for Meryath minstrels to ply their trade between adventures, various advisories to caution visiting heroes, as well as a guide to local customs and festivals.

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