Thursday, May 28, 2020

Eerie D&D Monster

Something to throw at annoying spellcasters! 

Skeleton Green by Johnny Morrow (image altered by the author)

Eerie*: AC 4 (unarmored), monster HD 4***, 20 hp, MV 60’ (20’), AT 1 claw, D 1d4 + spell drain, Save F4; Size M—Int 9, ML 7, AL Chaotic, XP 225.
            Abilities: Walks or levitates; can pass through walls; spell drain (see description).
            Immunities: Mind-affecting attacks, non-magical weapons, disease, poison, paralysis, and energy drain. Can be turned as a wraith.
            Description: Sentient residue from a failed necromantic experiment, this spectral emanation manifests itself occasionally, wandering through places where magic is strong. It appears as a skeletal being with glaring eyes and a glowing blue aura. Astral wind causes its long white hair and rags to flutter in slow motion.
            The eerie steals uncast magic from those it strikes in combat, removing spells from their owners’ memories, or if none remain, from carried scrolls. Each time a spell is stolen, the undead emanation makes a Morale Check and vanishes into the Netherworld if it fails. Once it has stolen magic from a party, the eerie reappears periodically to claim more (within 30’ of its victims, every 2-4 hours between sunset and sunrise). When the eerie is destroyed (with weapon or magic), the one who struck the killing blow earns a random new spell.

Source: Original design from CA2 "How to Train Your Wizard." Conversion for use with Labyrinth Lord in CAL2a "Conversion Guide to Caldwen."

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