Saturday, May 16, 2020

Players' Guide to Meryath

PG1 Players' Guide to Meryath will be available in PDF format Sunday morning, May 17 (US central time). Its printed format will take several more weeks due to the pandemic. The print proof has been ordered, which is likely to take 4-6 weeks. Barring unforeseen printing issues during final approval, the printed format will be released then. PG1 is intended to supplement the core gazetteer, CAL1 "In Stranger Skies." It focuses on information to help players roll up heroes in the Kingdom of Meryath. It provides three new character classes with guidelines on how to make them work with OSR games (D&D BECMI, AD&D 1st and 2nd Edition, and so forth). Two conversion booklets will be following PG1 that convert all game stats from CAL1, PG1, and CA1 "Dreams of Aerie" for use with Labyrinth Lord and the OSRIC system. Two other booklets of this type are presently available for CAL2, PG2, and CA2.

Click here on Sunday Morning for PG1.

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