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Dominion Stats -- Eadrin

An updated, more appropriate design for Eadrin
At first sight, the most striking feature of Eadrin is the sheer size of Archport, its capital.  With 190,000 inhabitants, it accounts for nearly 20% of the realm's population.  Much of local economics are based on maritime trade funneling through Archport and up the Thera River.  As a result of the generally denser population in this relatively small realm, Eadrin actually stands as a net importer of food and timber.  The agricultural deficit remains minor compared to Vertiloch, and timber is needed to supplement wood harvested locally for ship-building in Archport.  Although busy, this port isn't as popular and crowded as Aasla's.  Foreign crews often see Archport's permanent twilight conditions as odd and unnatural.  Yet, for those sailing from Bellissaria, Archport's facilities are the best choice when shipping merchandise to the imperial capital.

Statistically, Eadrin's wilderness only claims 56% of the realm's lands, compared to neighboring Arogansa's 70%.  As a result of its higher degree of urbanization, Eadrin actually enjoys more revenues than its larger neighbor; about 334,000 vs. 287,000 gp/month, even though Eadrin has less population than its neighbor.  Since Randel isn't a most trustworthy neighbor, Eadrin retains a sizable defense force.  Shadow Lords and their mysterious constructs also provide significant deterrents to invasions.  The latter are curious beasties built by their masters to form part of the realm's army.  More about them and their connection with the Gray Circle will be covered in the upcoming post on Archport.  Naturally, since militaristic Randel hasn't been detailed to date, there can be no comparisons of relative army sizes--yet.  Meanwhile, Arogansa and Eadrin aren't likely to clash anytime soon.  Arogansa is more interested in running its flourishing tourism industry and safeguarding its borders, which suits Eadrin just fine.  On the other hand, both view Randel with suspicion.

For now, let's compare Eadrin's forces with Arogansa's.  The Shadow Lords enjoy land-based forces up to 7,178 HD-worth of military, compared with Arogansa's 4,884.  Eadrin's navy fares equally, with 38 vessels, including 9 airships and 6 subs, vs. Arogansa's 28 vessels (6 airships and 5 subs.)  The Shadow Lords do need a strong navy not only to safeguard the coastline and approaches to Archport, but because the banks of the Thera and Randel Rivers mark the realm's other two borders.  From a practical standpoint, ships navigating these rivers are assessed port tolls by one realm or the other depending on which harbors they pick.  Neither Arogansa, nor Eadrin, nor Randel permit nightly navigation along the rivers. All ships are required to stop either at Archport, Charmydon, or Rardish for inspection (and tolls.)

Eadrin's galleys patrol the Thera and Randel Rivers.  The so-called Randel Bridge between Eadrin and Randel, Castle Bridge to Theranderol, Blackpool and Charmydon Bridges to Arogansa are fitted with a spans that can be drawn up to allow large ships to pass.  All of them are lowered at night, blocking navigation.  Eadrin's sail ships patrol the coast and shipping lines to Bellissaria.  Much of that fleet otherwise anchors in Archport.


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