Thursday, July 5, 2012

International Blog Exposure -- Updated Aug 18th

After more than 18,000 views since I launched this site in late February this year, here are the locations of its most frequent viewers.

United States       10,134
United Kingdom      1,271
France                      966
Italy                          963
Canada                     752
Brazil                        470
Japan                       461
Australia                   297
Germany                  203
Finland                     175

Blogspot doesn't list numbers beyond the top ten.  On the other hand, I know from personal observation that there are viewers in many other places.

USA/Canada: all accounted for!  The source is divided evenly between Google+ and Facebook.

Europe: All of Western Europe, except Ireland.  Oddly, I haven't seen a viewer from Ireland yet.  Many of of the Balkan nations have not show up as far as I know (I only have viewers in Greece and Romania who regularly show up.)  For Central and Eastern Europe, I didn't see viewers from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, or Moldova.  I think Russia, Norway, and Spain are hot on Finland's heels.  :-)

So far nobody either from Iceland, Luxemburg, or Monaco (and other such principalities.)  Other frequent visits originate from Denmark, Switzerland, and Netherlands.

Asia/Pacific: The largest number of views come from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, China, India, Singapore, and Taiwan -- in that order, as far as I can tell.

Latin America: BRAZIL!  Samba rules!  There also are viewers from Mexico and Colombia.  That's it.

Africa: very, very few.  I had some from Egypt, Morocco, and... count it: one, ONE from South Africa.  :-)

EDIT:  There is at least one regular viewer in Israel.  I did see some (rare) traffic from Irak and Iran!  I vaguely remember there may have been one from Bahrain.

If you are a viewer from a nation not listed above, please do feel free to toot your horn at once (even if you've been listed, do toot your horn anyway to run up the count!) and post a message to let me know.  Chest-thumping and other war-dancing is welcome.  :D 

If there are a lot of views for this post, I'll conclude there is some interest in tracking such numbers.  If so, I'll post an update in a few months, just for fun. 

EDIT -- July 9th

Since I implemented the new external counter, I saw the following countries listed:



plus confirmation of at least one viewer each in Irak and Latvia.  :)

EDIT -- July 12th

I spotted a viewer from Vietnam.  He/she was Googling "ancient locks" (as in river locks), and the article on Vertiloch came up in the results, since it mentions "locks" and "ancient" (IIRC) in the text.  It seemed like an accidental visit, yet it lasted for 49 minutes.  There was some interest.  :-)

EDIT -- JULY 15th

Had the visit of a viewer from Cyprus and another from Panama.  I think both were looking for game-related material.

EDIT -- July 16th

Observed visitors from Ireland, Malaysia, and Hungary.  I don't think any of them were actually gamers.  It's just fun to see people from all over the world stumbling in and checking out various pages. 

EDIT -- July 18th

I added a flag counter at the very bottom of the blog's main page.  The one below only counts visits to this post.  Fun nonetheless.  As of today Russia just got ahead of Finland and is catching up with Germany.  Meanwhile, Italy is keeping up with the UK, slowly creeping closer even.

EDIT -- July 19th

Hey, I've got a visitor from Yemen!  How about that!

EDIT -- JULY 30th

I noticed that Russia has now passed both Finland and Germany in pageviews, and is slowly approaching Australia.  Somebody there seems to be enjoying the blog!  ;-) 

EDIT -- AUG 3rd

Russia passed Australia as well. Spasibo.

EDIT -- AUG 18th

Today shall be remembered as the day Captain Jack Sparrow... no, wait... the day Italian visitors logged more all-time pageviews than anyone else, except US fans!  Avanti! 

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  1. Sorry for the wonky post layout. Some of you early viewers may have run into it. I just fixed it.

  2. Bruce, I'd recommend Statcounter if you want a bit more "grainy" breakdown of your blog traffic.

    1. I've found that it doesn't quite pick up ALL my web traffic, but combined with blogger's stats it gives me a pretty good picture of where my views are coming from (and which aren't bot-generated)

    2. Thanks! I'll check it out at once.

  3. Norway beaten by Finland? I will have to do something about that! ;)

    1. Denmark is now ahead of Finland and moving fast, tailing Germany! Good job, Denmark!

    2. Hey, we are finally making a dent. :-)

    3. Finland and Denmark keep flip-flopping. There are some dedicated viewers there! Russia seems to coming on strong too, but hasn't quite caught up yet with the Fins and the Danes. :)

      Norway is somewhere behind that group, and Sweden is way behind. I'm not sure why there are so few visits from Sweden. Are old-style D&D and Mystara not popular there?

    4. Well, here's one Swede! And I know a bunch of D&D/Mystara fans, but I also know that they don't follow "the scene" on the web.

      I've put a pointer to this blog on the main Swedish RPG site, maybe that'll start things up :)

      In Sweden, the most popular fantasy RPG at the time was "Drakar & Demoner" (Dragons & Demons), a BRP clone, which might contribute to the low number of hits from Sweden. As an xD&D player in Sweden at that time, you were a minority in BRP-land...

    5. Thanks for the info. I suspected something like that was going on. Nice to have you drop by. Cheers! :)

    6. Anders -- indeed, there are now lots of views from Sweden. Thanks!

    7. De nada :) Always glad to be of help!

  4. The one from South Africa would be ME!

    1. Glad to make your acquaintance, good Sir!

    2. Likewise :) I really enjoyed your projects that you did for TSR ...You can take a look at my blog here

    3. Very, very nice blog! I just subscribed. Greyhawk is an old favorite of mine. That's the campaign world that I ran back when I lived in France, before TSR hired me. I loved that setting.

  5. Italy beaten by France, incredible! :P
    Glad to see italian mystara community follows this blog.

    1. No longer. Italy hits 1,000 views as of this morning, well ahead of France now. Bravo!

  6. It would be interesting to know how many individual people have visited this blog as well.

    I've estimated that I've visited this blog about 30 times, so that would give us 18000/30 = 600 people (assuming I am an average reader!).

    I've no idea how you could actually verify this figure though.

  7. Go Italy Go!
    A Mystaran fan from Rimini :)


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