Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coats of Arms of Arogansa

This is a quick recap of the coats of arms I devised for the main Arogansian aristocracy.  There is a peculiarity with these shields, in that they display a pattern of symbols on the top area that indicate precisely to what degree of nobility they belong.

The progression is as follows.   

Coventries: a vice-coventrie bears one star (a mullet,) a coventrie bears two, and a high-coventrie, three.  There presently are no vice- or high-coventries in Arogansa.  See Coriomanus & Yalastrian.

Conjuracies: a vice-conjuracy bears two stars and a crescent, a conjuracy bears one star and two crescents, and a high conjuracy
                                   bears three crescents (see on the right.)

Theurgies: a vice-theurgy bears two crescents and an annulet (a ring.)  A theurgy bears one crescent and two annulets  (see Liliendo on the right.)  A high-theurgy bears three annulets.

Thaumaturgies: a vice-thaumaturgy bears two annulets and a quatrefoil (see Llyndemar.)  A thaumaturgy bears
                               an annulet and two quatrefoils.  The high-
                               thaumaturgy bears three quatrefoils.

Sorcelries: a vice-sorcelry bears two quatrefoils and a hawk's bell (see Talismeroth, just below.)  A sorcelry bears a quatrefoil and two hawk's bells.  A high-sorcelry bears three hawk's bells.

Wizardate: a vice-wizardate bears two hawk's bells and a resplendent sun (see Scarabellyn, just below.) A wizardate bears a hawk's bell and
                                  two suns (Festerilandus.)  A
high-wizardate bears, as you expected, three suns (see Cacodemus at the top of the page.)

Archmagencies: the augmentations do not apply to archmagencies.  They are recognizable by the stone coronet above their arms.  There is only one such title in Arogansa--see
                                  Merlioness, just above.

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