Sunday, July 15, 2012

Famous Arms of Alphatia

The House of Thera originates from the Kingdom of Theranderol, at least as far as its Mystaran ancestry is concerned.  In fact, like many ancient Alphatian dynasties, it can trace its roots to families who came from another world, hence the six estoiles upon a nightly sky.  Eriadna, as Empress of Alphatia, bears the purpure chief and crown as her personal arms.  Her immediate offsprings' coat of arms are similar save for the bendlet gules and differentiating label.

It is  easy to understand the design of Vertiloch's arms--the vertical green stripe stands for "vert" while the golden key implies a "lock."  Ermine augmentations remind that the District of Vertiloch belongs to the throne of Alphatia.  The popular arms of Theranderol display first and foremost the wizards' sun in its plenitude over and above the spurs of gallant knights.  The field of azure represents the sky while the green is for the land below.  Queen Eldrethila would always fight under her own banner if present on a battlefield.  A military commander of Theranderol's army would otherwise use his own arms or those of Theranderol, perhaps both for good measure.

From the Author: This treatment is my first attempt at designing shields electronically, and using the Gimp application (with varying success I might add.)  It is one step closer to being able to emulate the sort of detail regularly featured in Voyages of the Princess Ark.  Please feel free to comment on the shields' design and make suggestions.  The app I use is another Inkwell Ideas design called Coat of Arms.