Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Alphatian Province of Theranderol

Mapped with Hexographer
Theranderol is a land of small secluded lakes and windswept plateaux.  Some say that each is unique and veils a secret of its own.  Although predominantly wizards, Theran aristocrats who inherited the realm from its founders fancy the romantic manner of knights and gallantry.  Although they retained the original names of the largest and oldest towns, they renamed all others and most geographical features to better reflect their colorful inspirations and remind visitors of ancient heraldry.  Although unable to equal the feats of true knights, Theran wizards adapted heraldry and enhanced it with magic to embody the skills of their families.  One is never too sure what forces or creatures wizards might summon from their banners, or enable household knights to do the same from their shields.

In the north, the Grey Mountains and the Lion Rampant Crest form a natural border with the exalted realm of Bettellyn.  East stands the old Randel Wall.  Foreigners believe this wall to be located within Theran borders, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  The Randel Wall lies within. . . well, Randel!  Ask this question over there and you'll get a dark look and a shrug of annoyance.  The south belongs to Arogansa.  Curiously, some centuries long past, a celestial body crashed and dug a two-hundred-mile-long gouge through the earth.  Ever since, it became a nearly-impassable, pestilential border.  One might wonder about the fortresses guarding its cliffs.  There was a time, soon after the crash, when horrid creatures grew from the gouge's scorched soil and began raiding local villages.  No one could explain it.  In time, they were defeated, and died out.  At least, it's the official version.  Rumor has it, however, that these strange beings moved below ground to rebuild their forces.  Judging from the soldiers still holding the forts and patrolling the edges of the Great Gouge, one might conclude the old affair was never wholly settled.  

In the west stands Vertiloch, but you knew that, didn't you?

Click HERE to download the map.  The list of names for Theranderol's lakes is provided below:

1.   Prophetia Lake
2.   Regency Lake

3.   Lake Suzerain

4.   Lake Paragon
5.   Lake Celestia
6.   Lake Temporia
7.   Hegemony Lake
8.   Lake Chalice
9.   Basilisk Waters
10. Tarn of the Enfield
11. Lyzard Lake
12. Chancellor's Lake

13. Martletts Pond
14. Golden Badge Lake
15. Allegiance Lake
16. Immortal Claws
17. Yales Waters
18. Kingfisher Lake
19. Tyger Trough
20. Opinicus Lake
21. Lucy's Pond
22. Cameleopard Mist
23. Crapaudy Mudhole
24. Alphyn Spring
25. Amphisbæna Deep
26. Boreyne Mere
27. Trough of the Catoblepas

28. Calopus Pond
29. Parandrus Puddles