Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dominion Stats -- Thyatian Hinterlands (Updated as ofMay 25th)

Naturally, after closing my file on Kastelios last night, I discovered yet another document that I had forgotten.  Ha, ha!  This one is a later development of the former Excel worksheet, with a lot more flexibility and thought put into it.  So, I decided to write off my Sunday, and pitch the document against its hypothetical application to the Thyatian Hinterlands in Davania.  Here's what I ended up with:

Click on the map to see a larger picture.  The original data posted here was updated as of May 25th, as follows:

(. . .) Hope you enjoyed this rather technical tour of the Hinterlands!


  1. I noticed the above post is missing some of the data. I'm reworking the summary sheet. When it's ready I'll report the correct/complete data in a format that is easier to read.

  2. I had not noticed, but here also the demonym and adjective seem to be completed automatically by your spreadsheet, with hilarious results. Another thing you might want to make adjustable, as if the sheet wasn't complicated enough already...

    1. I know. I'll work on that at some point. Hinterlandians is bad enough -- what about Stoutfellowians? LOL!

    2. I finally fixed the silly demonym routine.

      Here's the list of suffixes I could think of (see below). I added a "custom" cell into which I can manually type some other ending or just leave it blank. A second drop-down menu shows how many of the country name's letters to retain (starting from the left) before adding the suffix... If you're Excel-literate, you'll know what I mean. Why do it simply when it can be done the hard way, right?

      ...ans, ians, ards, iards, asque, enes, ers, ese, lese, i, ic, ines, ites, ish, iots, iotes, o, eno, vians, wegians, "custom."

      Think of any others?

    3. Of course this leads to some really silly issues, such as the demonym for "Netherlands." Technically, I'd select "0" as the number of letters to retain from the nation's name, and then type "Dutch" in the custom suffix cell. LOL!


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