Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Alphatian Province of Limn (Updated June 7th)

Mapped with Hexographer

This is first draft for the Trollhattan area (still showing the swapped tags Trollhattan/Limn).  Coastlines still are problematic for me.  The challenge occurs when trying to emulate coastlines from a larger-scale overlay.  I did some rough manual touch-ups to clean the mess.

Finalized by Thorfinn Tait

I posted below my "work map,"  (see below) which helps me keep track of the various population densities when I tally the number of hexes and their types.  Everything is relative to the terrain type--in other words a borderland hex of farmland does not have the same population as a borderland hex of hills; trails, rivers, a coastline, light forest, heavy forest, (etc,) all have various impacts on the population in a single hex.  Naturally, settled or suburban hexes have more population than borderlands, let alone wilderness.  Urban centers and fortifications come on top of those figures.  Just in case you wondered.

Finally, I compiled the dominion stats for Trollhattan.  A few quirks crop up here and there with the worksheet, but it's manageable.

Just for Håvard, I added the general racial mix for Trollhattan below, and the actual racial makeup of the garrison based in Limn, just above (next to the Limn header).


Nice neighborhood!

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