Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shadow of the Rose

Co-author Janet Deaver-Pack and I will be adding to this blog short stories inspired from our novel Shadow of the Rose.  The hero, Percival St. Croix, is an archeologist and a mage during WW1.  Besides running an antique shop in London, he is an artifact hunter and, more secretly, the Advocate of Order for the Rosicrucian Society.  His nemesis is Devlin Quint who heads the Brass Ring, an evil sect bent on foiling the aims of  the Rosy Cross and on bringing Chaos to Earth's universe.  Magic and occult beings are a feature of our world, yet only those with the Sight and knowledge of the Arts may perceive them.  The stories will say more about this.  Patience... 

Click HERE for Episode I of a related short story introducing Percival St. Croix.

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