Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D&D ADVENTURE! -- Rougeain

The Dog Days of Rougeain

By Bruce Heard

Updated March 27 2012

Although the adventure is written for 1st Edition AD&D, it can easily be set in Mystara. Some allowances will be needed to convert AD&D back to basic D&D. Use common sense. A party of 6th or 7th level adventurers is recommended.

Those of you who are likely to be players in this adventure, stop reading and leave, including the group I game with on Wednesday evenings. You know who you are. If you keep reading anyway, you’re an ugly troll!

The party is hired by a local countess (Dame Geneviève de Séphora, Comtesse de Touraine in Mystara) to find the roots of a problem with lycanthropy in the village of Rougeain (a rather hairy place in the Glantrian Alps near Touraine), and eliminate the growing danger from the valley of Sangval.

(. . .)

Click HERE for the remainder of the adventure.  Your feedback is welcome since this is an untested adventure.