Monday, October 24, 2011

Day One... and learning

To keep up with the current day and age, I've decided to create a blog.  If you're reading this, please be aware I'm not intending any of this to be either entertaining or informative in the least.  It is merely my attempt to learn about blogs and such.  Eventually, when I get it right, this ought to be more interesting, of course... give it some time.  Thanks!


Ignore this.


  1. hi BRuce! wish you good luck!

    its not that dificult. i mean, for a nice looking blog, the simple tools are enough.

    theres a lot of ready things (just click and add) at blogspot following!

  2. I'm discovering daily new ways to make this work. All this new stuff is very interesting. Imagine if I'd had something like it back in the heroic age!


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