Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kickstarter: DONE! Now What?

There still is quite a lot of work to be dispatched.  Before I go into this, I wanted to first thank everyone for their kind support, whether it came in the form of pledges or efforts to invite friends and people who may be interested in the Calidar series.  Since a post-KS option will soon become available, please do keep up with this effort.  There's still room for more fans to see their names in the project's Honor Roll (more about this in a moment).  Kudos to you all, as "Beyond the Skies" would not be the same without your support.

A Few Facts.  Here are some interesting figures about the crowdfunding campaign.  The average pledge came up to about $64 dollars, including add-ons.      

Our backers' bids seem pretty evenly spread out.  If you look at the next chart, you'll see that 42% of backers picked Captain or Admiral tiers.  This shows the impact of having so many add-ons to offer.  Many backers saw this and increased their pledges to cash in of these offers.  Thank you!
What does this amount to?  For one, we have good amount of internal art gracing this book's pages.  We did not hit the "dream goal" of one illustration for each god, but that's still a lot of art to commission.  As the result of this, the book's page count is (so far) going to come close to 248 (the minimum was 220, remember?)  In addition to internal illustrations, don't forget a lot of maps rendered by Thorfinn Tait, color floor plans, pantheon diagrams, and various divine symbols to make a good use of the book's full color printing.

What if you missed the Kickstarter?  No problem.  A post-Kickstarter page will become available very soon on  Here are tentative details.  This page will offer most of the pledge levels and add-ons for a while longer.  Add-ons such as CAL1 Stranger Skies (printed versions and PDF) and poster maps will be switched off from the post-KS page at the end of January (they are still available through normal channels on and DTRPG).  The post-KS page itself will be shut down at the end of February.  Here is the original list of add-ons.

Please note that free character sketches from Joe Garcia (offered at Admiral pledge level) will not be honored via the post-KS page.  The Battlebards offer still stands, although registration to obtain the sound samples and access to the Calidar soundboard ends on March 31st.  Registration will begin as soon as the list of qualified backers can be compiled.  Find out more about this here. 

Starting in March, visitors who missed the post-KS offers can preorder "Beyond the Skies" possibly at a discount.  Kickstarter fulfillment takes place first as soon as the book becomes ready for print.  Pre-orders will follow shortly afterward.    General sales via DTRPG or start last, after I've restocked, so this could happen 1-3 weeks after pre-orders are sent out, somewhere around August 2016.  Links to download some of the PDF files may be e-mailed from DTRPG fairly soon since these are ready to go (CAL1 "In Stranger Skies" and CST1 "Under the Great Vault").  Do check your spam box as those messages tend to end up there.

There will be timely updates here and on the KS Updates page for all this, so keep your ears to the ground.  If you need to contact me, please go the Kickstarter page and send me a private mail from there (click on my picture and the "Contact Me" button).  A survey will soon allow KS backers to update their mailing addresses and clarify their orders.  That's about all can think of bringing up at this time.  Do ask questions if you feel I missed something.  Til then:  Happy 2016!  

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