Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last Day for the Kickstarter!

#Calidar "Beyond the Skies" is fast approaching its next stretch goal and reaching the end of its crowdfunding campaign. Thank you everyone for your generous support!

Visitors who haven't yet jumped in: will you put some of yourself into this fabulous book and join the effort to commission more internal art? "Beyond the Skies" has already grown from 220 to 244 pages for everyone's enjoyment... will today add more?


Here's a fun preview of The World of Calidar's "Beyond the Skies," an EnWorld exclusive unveiling the flying seminary of an eagle-knights' order. This shows how a book about deities brings to life details on the realms of the Great Caldera, just like a gazetteer. That's something you can use as an adventure on Calidar or on any other game world...

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