Friday, June 29, 2012

Dominion Stats -- Haven

At last, after counting many, many, many hexes and re-counting them until I became cross-eyed, here are the statistics for this big, great province.

Aasla's population corresponds to DotE figures, but the overall number for the land is almost twice as high.  Although the map looks busy, more than 60% of the land is wilderness, and another 30% (+) borderland.  Even with a total population density of about 10 people per square mile, we still have more than two million Havenites.  As much population as farmland can support is urban (about 25%).  The good news is that Haven's agriculture is sufficient but, alas, it does not permit exporting much food.  As can be expected, the cost of living in Haven is rather high.  Fortunately, business and industry are healthy, and the political regime remains fairly stable.

Not surprisingly, much of the realm's income originates from road and port duties.  Revenues from urban income taxes rate close second, the vast majority of which can be traced back to the immense and wealthy city of Aasla and its sprawling sea port.  Haven cannot afford to leave this city unprotected, which explains the large military force stationed there, and of course the large share of its navy, including four out of seven 12HD water elementals watching the harbor.  The other three are located at Goltar, Songodir, and Palvaton.