Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Forbidden Forests

Thought you might enjoy a walk through the forbidden forests of Alfdaín, my present gazetteer project for the World of Calidar. I posted card-like entries during the past several days on various social media. Some of you who caught those earlier will recognize them. I added several more for good measure and a key to get around them.

            (...) Paths, markings, and other attempts at leaving “bread crumbs” in one’s wake fail as vegetation and topographical features randomly shift. Speaking with plants and animals does not work therein. No people or normal-sized animals live there. Giant animals and monsters from random encounters (including woodland beings) are evil, hostile, and mostly immune to the forests’ curses. Druids or rangers encountered here are performing their monitoring duties* and will demand unwarranted parties leave at once. Replace military patrols with haunted battle sites. Pegasus-riding scouts fly above the forest (if anyone notices); they will alert rangers if they spot outsiders in these woods.

[*] Note from the Author: Elaborate random encounters mentioned above are available earlier in the Gazetteer.

Happy camping!

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