Friday, November 23, 2018

Guild of Demonologists

This article is the second in the guild series. Click here to catch the first one, along with a word explaining how Caldwen's guilds are set up in general, and what academic diplomas are about.


A frightening field of study outlawed in most places, this craft is tolerated in Caldwen because of local culture and faith in deities with demonic ancestry. This stance is rooted in the knowledge that the darkest of evils can be redeemed. Demonology does not limit itself to such values, however: it is also about knowledge and power. Cautious about whom they allow in, demonologists do not reveal much of their craft outside their cabals, as peers, if they found out, would seek to eliminate transgressors. Though Caldwen’s qualified demonologists are talented, others in the craft hide in Ellyrion, where the clergy harbors a most visceral hatred and fear of them. The Daimonikon League is the sworn enemy of the craft inside and out of Ellyrion (see CC1 Beyond the Skies, pg. 230). Caldweners outside the guild rely on magical coercion or violence to subjugate demons. The ways of demonologists are more subtle and far reaching. Main Guild House: Bisilthur. (...)

The chapter goes on to describe three inner cabals. The Cabal of the Calling accommodates magic-users with Spellcraft Licenses in Illusion and Necromancy. It teaches how to identify specific demons and establish consensual bonds. Its members are called theurgists. The Ritual of Calling eventually establishes a permanent bond between a theurgist and a demon soul mate. The Cabal of the Flesh accommodates qualified theurgists with Bachelor's degrees. It teaches how to engender demonic creatures permanently bound to their creators through a Ritual of Sacrifice. Members are called progenitors. The Cabal of the Spirit accommodates accomplished progenitors with at least Master’s degrees. It is a fellowship of scholars seeking the secrets of True Names. There is no formal instruction related to this craft. Success is measured in the ability to affect archfiends without relying on pacts. Its members are called demonologists. They must choose one of three paths to complete their final quests: The Path of the Master, the Path of the Reformer, or the Path of the Servant, which determine the nature of the relationships between archfiends and demonologists. Each of these inner cabals provide special powers which come in exchange for personal sacrifices.

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