Sunday, November 18, 2018

Guild of Alchemists

While work on the new Gazetteer progresses, I'd like to take the opportunity to post a series of previews on Caldwen's cabals.
The grand magiocracy does not have a single general-purpose “guild of sorcerers.” Instead, there are so-called “cabalist guilds,” private associations concerning specific types of wizardry. The magiocracy's legislative branch, the Upper Chamber of the Magi, provided the official charters defining the cabals’ spheres of interest and giving them legal power to regulate their craft.
Six well-known cabals exist in Caldwen, each one focusing on two spellcasting philosophies nearly exclusively and on the special powers of their craft. Similar guilds in different realms, if any, are most likely connected with Caldwen’s. Spellcasters holding Masters* or PHDs in philosophies other than those associated with cabalists lack the necessary train of thought to embrace guild craft. On the other hand, cabalists can only progress past Bachelor degrees within the two philosophies of their craft. Ironically, archmages are unable by definition to become cabalists, as Grand Wizardry demands mastery in all spellcasting disciplines.

(*) Caldwen's mages earn "official" diplomas from the various schools of magic, including such things as Spellcract Licenses, Bachelors in the Arts, Masters in the Arts, and Doctorates in Philosophy. These diplomas are relevant to social status and legal rights in the magiocracy. They also reflect one's degree of competency in the arts.

Cabal of Alchemy
This guild is the most common and most recognized on Calidar. Few towns lack at least one accredited apothecary. Cabalists have no specific ambitions other than perfecting their craft and attaining the skills needed to create a philosopher’s stone. It is believed that such objects hold the secrets of the universe and the keys to godhood. Curiously, the craft involves two opposing spellcasting philosophies (Alteration & Enchantment), which some have argued is the key to its special powers. Main Guild House: Azazul. (...)

This section of the Gazetteer continues on to describe three related cabals: Apothecaries, Alchemists, and Philosophers, which members can join as they learn their craft and perfect their skills. This includes qualifying tests, ordeals, personal sacrifices, special powers, and tools of the trade. To master the last cabal, a philosopher must engender three wondrous objects known as the Raven, the Swan, and the Phoenix, reaching the final goal of the quest: the Magnum Opus, otherwise known as the Philosopher's Stone.

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