Monday, June 18, 2018

A Glimpse at Arcanial, Pt. 3

Temple of Ashgaddon
Phoenix & Lead (№17)
This religious shrine is one of several on this floor. Located at the intersection of Lead Street with Phoenix Avenue, the main entrance opens on an elegant 40’ long colonnade leading to the sanctum. Another door leads outside, facing the Outer Gauntlet. Eight chambers used for meditation, private services, office work, vestry, storage, and acolytes’ quarters straddle the colonnade. About 40’ by 140’, the sanctum enjoys a magnificent vault soaring nearly 70’, reaching as high as the Upper Griffin. The temple’s cross-section can be seen on the side view diagram (see below).
Clad in black marble, the sanctum’s walls and floors give an impression of organic worm-like movement. Only stirred by the slow swing of a large bronze thurible, dimness veils the vault’s upper reaches. Careful observation might reveal the presence of wraiths drifting in the darkness above, the lingering forms of disciples felled in the service of their god.
A statue of Ashgaddon stands in the sanctum’s middle, facing toward the main entrance. At each of the chamber’s two ends stands a 10’ wide bronze vat with a few steps to reach its rim. Visiting faithful drop a few drops of blood into it, which turn into red maggots. By end of day the crawling, glistening mass fills the vat. After sunset, acolytes, priors, and visitors all leave, and the doors are carefully locked. Only when all falls as silent as a tomb, do the wraiths descend upon the vats and gorge themselves with the Life Force so generously proffered. The cycle resumes at sunrise.

Top View of the Neighborhood & Air Inlets
The cult’s grand prior visits this temple when one of the wraiths grows powerful enough to serve Ashgaddon as a Celestial (see Divine Servants, CC1 pg. 211). The ritual sends the former wraith to Navuut-Karkerath, the god’s domain in Sadarya. The temple’s prior can summon the wraiths to defend the sanctum against defilers.

Acolytes (8): AR 15 (leather padding), novice priors LF 6, MV 120’ (40’), TA 1 barbed spear, DR M, Size M—Str 67, Agt 50, Dex 56, Sta 78, Int 61, Wis 83, Per 61, MR 75, PH H –2/M –2/S –2. Faith: Ashgaddon, zealot.
Abilities: Repel undead; spellcasting—SP I x1. Barbed Spear—disarm opponent with a critical hit.

Game Stats: These are explained in a pamphlet. Click here to download this from DTRPG.

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