Monday, June 4, 2018

A Glimpse at Arcanial, Pt. 1

While detailing #Calidar's flying city of Arcanial, I decided to post previews here for your enjoyment. Arcanial includes three big districts, one levitating above the other and slowly rotating in opposite directions. The next several entries I'll be posting on this blog are taken from the Middle District. This section of the city is roughly arena shaped, with "alleys" cutting through to enable gondolas and freight barges to fly past the city blocks. Beneath a series of concentric terraces lie up to 30 floors crisscrossed with streets and staircases, as well as wormhole-like portals enabling foot traffic to flow seamlessly across intersecting alleys. Individual quays and doors on each floor allow passengers on/off flying gondolas.

The first of the six golden-roofed buildings on Caldwa's Terraces
Lower Chamber of the Sorcerers
№1 Caldwa’s Terraces.
Nearly 120’ long by 40’ wide and with an ornate ceiling arching 30’ high, the Great Hall accommodates sorcerer officials from all parts of the magiocracy. Seen from the inside, the ceiling looks cathedral-like, as if it reached 90’ high, the result of an elaborate illusion. The front door is purely decorative: it is in fact a wooden carving with no moving parts. An enchantment enables members and chamber officials to pass through this ceremonial gate. Wooden statues of illustrious sorcerers long ago departed look down upon the Great Hall. They animate and attack anyone interfering with parliamentary sessions.
These facilities extend several floors lower, offering meeting rooms, private cabinet chambers, sitting rooms, an indoor docking hall, offices, and the Chamber’s archives. Parliamentary guards, known as Bee-Feeders (they collected honey from bee hives to help impoverished sorcerers long before Arcanial was sent aloft), keep a careful watch on all who come and go. Lesser individuals in the Chamber’s employ, messengers, and other visitors enter through another doorway three floors beneath the terrace. Facilities on the lowest level house a guard post at the entrance and the indoor docking bay facing Outer Artifact Alley. Private stairs connect lower floors to the Great Hall.

Parliament Statues (12): AR 35, Monster LF 17, MV 120’ (40’) or jump (see below), TA 1 breath or 2 claws, DR claws Lo/Lo, DC as monster; Size M (6’tall)—Str 67, Agt 89, Dex 44, Sta n/a, Int 50, Wis 44, Per n/a, MR 100, PH H*/M*/S*
Abilities: These wooden statues may jump as far as 20’ away from their position above the Great Hall, or as much as 15’ horizontally and 10’ vertically when on the floor, and still perform their melee attacks. Once per combat encounter, they can breathe a cloud of razor-sharp wooden shards in a 20’ long, 60˚ cone, inflicting  4Lo damage upon all who fail their Defense Checks. These statues suffer double damage from fire attacks and axe-like weapons. They are immune to blunt weapons and cold-based magic.

Bee-Feeder Guards (up to 20): AR 35, Warrior LF 8, MV 90’ (30’), TA 1 halberd, DR Hi+2, DC as warrior; Size M—Str 89, Agt 67, Dex 50, Sta 83, Int 61, Wis 61, Per 61, MR 83, PH H*/M+4/S*
Abilities: In keeping with tradition, a few hives are kept in wall recesses under the roof. Once during a combat encounter, a group of 6 or more guards can summon a swarm within 1d4 combat actions. Swarm: 30’ radius, MV 120’ (40’), inflicts 2Lo damage to all within area of effect; the swarm lasts 2d4+2 combat actions after which it dissipates; waving torches at the bees halves the swarm’s duration; area of effect magic (fire, cold, electricity, etc.) will likely kill off the bees. Swarms do not attack the keepers.

Game Stats: These are explained in a pamphlet. Click here to download this from DTRPG.

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