Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm Not Amused

Though this has nothing to do with gaming whatsoever, I'm annoyed enough with an airline to release a letter I posted on their complaint page.  As I promised them that I would, I'm therefore passing my comments along to the public.

To Whom It May Concern -- Dec. 15 2016

I've been flying KLM for years now, annually, from the USA to France, for family reasons.  I was very disappointed yesterday when I found out about some of KLM’s current policies. 

First, I discovered I cannot use my Delta SkyMiles (# XXX) for any sort of upgrade because my present ticket is rated as “discount” (purchased on Expedia,) or some such category.  It doesn't change the fact that I spent thousands of dollars with your airline over more than a decade.  As a fidelity “reward” this stinks.

By the way, your customer complaint page only accepts FlyBlue in its frequent flyer field.  I'm sure Delta, your partner company, will appreciate how much you care about its customers.  Your page also assumes that everyone has a cell phone (or wishes to share its number with you--which I do not); the complaint will not be processed further until a number is entered into that field. I dutifully entered a fake number therefore, just so you know.  Please don't call it.  

Second, I was told I could not select my seat at the time of flight reservation unless I paid more than $20 per flight in extra reservation fees.  For me, this adds up to nearly $100.  This is apparently a new policy at KLM and Air France. 

Dear KLM scrooges, you aren't doing loyal customers any favors.  This is shitty service!  I don't expect an answer from you people, nor do I believe you'll change anything.  With all due respect, I'll respond with my own policy, which includes my middle finger and spending my money elsewhere.  This is the last time I fly your airline (or Air France for that matter).  I run a blog that attracted more than 500K pairs of eyes thus far.  You can rest assured I'll post this letter there, free of charge, and tell everyone I know what a smart business your company is running  (. . .you're welcome.)

Thank you KLM.  You're doing a wonderful job.  Maybe in 15-20 years, you'll become an even more irrelevant airline.


Bruce Heard

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