Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Beyond the Skies" Goes Live

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Calidar -- Beyond the Skies
I'm pleased to announce that Beyond the Skies is now available for general sales on DTRPG, in all its hardcover glory!  It's been a long wait, but the final result is something to be proud of.  I hope you will share my sentiment.   (Click here for a peek at the book.)

Click on any of the images to get a copy of the new book.  Though the hardcover book can be purchased without its PDF file, I'd suggest selecting the bundle, which provides the digital copy for free with the printer version.

If you'd like to purchase Calidar's two printed books, In Stranger Skies and Beyond the Skies, there is a discounted bundle for this, including both PDF files.

Click here for the full listing of Calidar titles on DTRPG. Poster maps can be purchased via Facebook (USA only).  Click here for the poster maps.

Have fun, and do send feedback about the new book.  Thanks!

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