Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Calidar Multi-Project Update

As I'm approaching the later design and writing stages for CC1 "Beyond the Skies," it's time to give everyone an update of where things are and what follows next. 

All CC1 chapters are fully written and proofed, save for three pantheons (actually two and a half, plus the final version of Teos/Soltan and his servants). Each takes me realistically two to three weeks to complete properly if I don’t burn out in the process. Most of the temple floorplans are also done. Yes, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a very long project, hitting somewhere between 150-200 pages, two-column format, with fairly small type size. I may add a section about Ghüle and an overview on the gods of sapient monsters. In any case, if you have questions about CC1, please check the original article first, and get back to me asap. There’s still some time to address topics I may have overlooked.

What next, you might ask? As soon as the last bit is done, proofed, and off my mind, I can start working on CC1’s Kickstarter. I probably will be doing little writing during the funding process, save for the blogs to keep you posted. As soon as that’s over, several contracts will be going out for text editing, internal illos, and cover painting. While all these people gear up for CC1, I’ll be finishing the last few temples’ floorplans.

Somewhere along the way, a players’ guide for CAL1 should be coming along as well, getting its own Kickstarter; let’s dub it PG1. I wrote a short adventure some time ago, and that is due to see print too; for the sake of old style labels, let’s make this one AM1 (as in Adventure Module, unless I come up with something more creative). This last one needs to be updated: all D&D game stats and references to mechanics from the grand old RPG need to be replaced with appropriate Calidar material, for example, and maps need to be drafted in a more professional fashion. All said, these three releases should follow each other in fairly quick succession if I can get all the illustrators lined up and eager to start in a timely fashion. By the time the smoke clears, I’ll be already on the next Gazetteer—CAL2. I’m planning on hitting Osriel next, but I suppose this is debatable. I may run a questionnaire to find out what everyone prefers. Keep your ear to the ground. Likewise, a related PG2 player's guide should also come to light.

EDIT: The questionnaire was just added in the new web site's forum.  Please do visit asap and place your three-cents-worth.  Your comments and  participation there are most welcome.

There are lots of topics to choose from elsewhere in the Great Caldera. Anything about the moons and the other worlds will have to wait until at least several of the Calidar Gazetteers are in print. Especially after CC1, it would be a shame not to exploit this treasure trove of information about the former colonies and ignore the Great Caldera. What might these other series be called? I’m thinking along the line of GV1, 2, 3, etc. where “GV” stands for Great Vault, as opposed to the “CAL” series which deal with Calidar itself. “OP” could target the Outer Planes. Another idea bandied about recently on the new forum was a book of nothing but skyships, deck plans, hull profiles, crew descriptions, legends, and adventure hooks, (I’m not calling that “BS,” so “SK” will have to do!)

What do you think?

Coming next on the blog: Game stats and descriptions for the Vipermen of Draconia.

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