Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Navies of Alphatia -- Revisited

Alphatian ships at the ready
This is an update to the original post comparing the navies of Alphatian dominions.  Updated numbers are posted here for convenience and include the last three realms described on this blog.  

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So far, we have a grand total of 508 ships, 106 of which are airships, and another 58 of which are submersibles.  More will be added as I cover the remaining five realms.  Compared to this Vertiloch (which is to say Empress Eriadna) controls directly 47 ships, including 9 airships and 5 subs, or less than 10% of the current total. 

Click HERE to access the previous post, which details economics and land forces for all these kingdoms.


  1. Great tables! The whole "Affinity to air element ... Military effort" section is extremely useful, in my opinion.

    I have a minor comment about Limn seafaring profile. maybe it could be raised a bit, mostly from a couple of info found elsewhere:

    - In M2 module there is a "petty Alphatian nobles" fleet starting from Trollhattan and going to Norwold.

    - In DotE Limn was settled 2000 years ago by non-humans, but only 1500 years ago it was included in the empire. Where the non-humans came from? DotE does not provide the info. They could have been mainland creatures who were displaced by the Alphatian colonists shortly after Landfall, or they could have been ill-fated invaders who crossed the western sea, likey from Norwold, and were blocked on the shoreline by the newly-arrived Alphatians. In the latter scenario the non-humans should possess some seafaring skills still now.

    As always, just throwing in some ideas.

    1. Thanks for checking this out in details.

      The "Affinity" is something I use to help recalculate the composition of navies, especially when a navy isn't exclusively made of surface ships. Affinity to Air means the mix of ship types will include more skyships (and so on) depending on whether the strategy was a mostly surface, combined, or specialized... It gives a lot more flexibility.

      A petty Alphatians fleet would be privately owned, and therefore not counted as part of anyone's standing war fleet. Noticed how merchant vessels are not accounted for? Naturally, there are far, far more merchantmen sailing about than there are warships. All these big ports have to be used somehow!

      Monsters of Limn could have been native of mainland Alphatia. Look at the Trollmark on the Lower Stoutfellow's map, right underneath Limn (http://bruce-heard.blogspot.com/2012/06/lower-stoutfellow-alphatias-underworld.html). I've accounted at least for the trolls! Tunnels lead mysteriously westward. There's more underneath the sea's bottom, obviously, but the existence of the tunnels infer they might have come that way. Others might have navigated from Norwold of course. Having the label "hopeless landlubber" doesn't mean that a culture has no seafaring ability at all. It just means that the % of sea-savvy folks among the population and the quality of their maritime tradition are much lower than a seafaring realm's.

  2. Hi. great work, yet the tables spoken about i can't see (there's only a larhe white surface with a tiny square with red cross in the upper left corner.
    Is that 'cause my PC or is it something that went wrong?

    1. Eeww... It's the first I hear of this. What browser are you using?


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