Monday, September 17, 2012

Comparing Dominion Stats -- Revisited

Here's the new installment for the recurrent exercise in comparing dominions' economic and military stats.  This is an update to the original article, now adding the last three Alphatian realms: Greenspur, Eadrin, and Randel. General explanations of the terms used are listed in the original post, if you need it. For convenience, all realms are recapped here. Comparing their territories, populations, armies, and relative wealth may give some idea of the dynamics of their politics. The use of their lands and how people fit within them yield interesting insights as well.

There is an interesting observation to be made regarding the balance of power around Randel.  It would be logical for Theranderol, Arogansa, and Eadrin to be associated or even allied as regards the Randel Peril.  Theranderol presently is the least likely of the three to be attacked, but that could change overnight should the Imperial House of Thera collapse.  As a result, there could be a League of Three to face Randel, militarily and politically.  This would make sense because these realms together have at their disposal a combined standing army and navy matching Randel's.  Although coalitions aren't as effective as a single monarch's forces, the League of Three on the other hand tallies a combined financial income nearly twice that of Randel, meaning that it possesses a much better capability to sustain longer fights, not to mention the option of hiring mercenaries.  As a footnote, there might be an internal tug of war between who would head the league: Queen Eldrethila or the Gray Circle?  Considering the present weakness of its monarchy, Arogansa remains at best a participant.  Whatever the outcome of the league's internal struggles, Randel would do its best to exploit it as much as possible.


  1. The League of Three is a very interesting concept, in my opinion. I suppose that such an opposition could also have its expression in the Council of Alphatia, too. Moreover, I suppose that Randel, being surrounded by rival kingdom, could have developed its own oversea sphere of influence in the neighboring kingdom of Notrion in Bellissaria, who knows.

    1. This is indeed wide open. The point is to create balance and yet more opportunities for new plot development and other shenanigans.


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