Monday, April 30, 2012

Question from Down Under

Yellow Dingo asked on his blog:

Hi Mr Heard. Nice to have you by...and yes the fiction is alluring. Lover of Egypt? or just exploring?

Bit of a long story (no pun intended). Janet, my co-author, had come up with the idea of Percival St. Croix and Devlin Quint. She originally wrote a short story for the award-winning anthology Under Cover of Darkness (DAW), called Shadow of the Scimitar. She and I had long discussions while she developed her story, and we planned to turn this into a trilogy set during WW1.

I suggested we link Percival with Lawrence of Arabia and other personalities of that time. Cairo became one of Percival's preferred haunting grounds since he's supposed to be an Egyptologist. I knew virtually nothing about Cairo when we started, let along details of Cairo a hundred years ago! The research was a lot of fun and I've developed a fancy for the ancient city since we started this project three or four years ago. :-)

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