Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hand of Justice -- Episode III

Bayt al'Kritliyya, February 2nd 1915
Percival raised an eyebrow at the reference to the scepter of Saint Louis. He lifted his gaze to Najeeb, still grinning knowingly and nodding with excitement.
“Are you certain the parchment wasn't a fake?” Percival asked.
“I tell you, my friend, it was real. Its writing and its style were absolutely genuine.”
Percival returned his attention to the letter and read on.
“My Beloved,
My liege and friend is dead. The sultan has released his dogs upon my companions and me, and we are now forced to flee Egypt. It pains my heart for I do not know when we shall see each other again. I leave behind the scepter which I took from the King of the Franks at Dumyāṭ. It is hidden in the place you know so well, safe from the Nile. It is yours by right. Leave behind a token of your visit so I know it wasn't stolen. My spy will come to retrieve any message you hide there. Beware of that carrion-eating swine soiling the throne of Egypt. He will seek to strike you down.
“May Allah grant me the good fortune to return and protect you.
“The Sword of al'Manṣūra” (. . .)

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