Thursday, September 22, 2016

Good News, Bad News

It's been one of those weeks.

The printer's proof for "Beyond the Skies" softcover came in, finally after a string of errors on the side of the printer, but this book had a problem: a white border on the outer edges of the pages, where the parchment background should be bleeding off.  After some checking, this wasn't a printer error.  Instead, a code had been missed flagging the need for the parchment background to extend past the cutting lines. What was worse was that the other two proofs (the hard cover and CST1 "Under the Great Vault") had been produced the same way--it was just luck that their printer's proofs came through looking OK.  Alas, this meant sending updated files back to the printer with the correct setup to ensure future prints won't end up with this dreaded white border.

Calidar softcover book

CST2 "Skies of Fury" is moving along, although much later than expected. Sorry about this.  Thorfinn Tait is back on this one, finishing corrections.  As soon as it can be processed through pre-media, and an acceptable printer's proof is received, rewards fulfillment will begin, as all three titles are bundled for shipping to most backers.   We're now looking at late September, early October for this process.

CST2 Skies of Fury
The other bit of unfortunate news is the demise of  For whatever reason, the fellow who'd set it up and administered it has gone AWOL, without an apparent reason and without explanation.  Unfortunately, I have no way of addressing the problem of the site shutting down a few weeks ago.  Lee seemed like a friendly guy.  He'd been gung-ho on helping out for months while I worked on CC1 "Beyond the Skies."  I'm at loss to understand his present behavior.  I managed to contact him several times, and asked him he is was willing and available, which he confirmed more than once.  He promised to get back in touch, but ultimately to no avail.  Enough is enough.  This behavior is unacceptable from a friend or a professional.  Regretfully, I am now pulling the plug on the website and its forum, as it's become more of a distraction than a help.  Sorry for the disappointment that we now all share.

Yes, it's been one of those weeks, and I'm sure others will happen now and then.  Best to shrug it off and soldier on--and soldier on I shall, awaiting the opportunity to send everyone their rewards, and working on the next title, "Dreams of Aerie."          

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